Lisa Vanderpump Wants Kim Richards Off Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa Vanderpump Wants Kim Richards Off Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Just when we thought we’d pinned Lisa Vanderpump as the only Beverly Hills housewife with any sense, we read this article about how fame has totally gone to our dah-ling’s pretty head.

For starters, Lisa fired her hot live-in trainer Cedric for getting a little “too comfortable” In the reality TV spotlight. Pretty funny considering Cedric and Lisa claimed to have known each other for years and were total BFFs. (We think their secret romance probably just ended badly. JK.) And now Lisa supposedly has it out for another cast member — chronically lonely and harmless old Kim Richards. What’s Lisa’s prob with the timid Richards sis? Word on the street is sweet little Kimmy is actually a closet alcoholic — an issue that her and sister Kyle will tackle in upcoming eppys.

“Not only does Lisa think that Kim is a sad lush, she also feels that Kim isn’t technically a housewife — since she isn’t married,” one “insider” told The National Enquirer. “Lisa has demanded that execs fire Kim before next season.”

Sure, Kim might suck down a few too many cocktails once in awhile — but so do all the other housewives, right? The same insider says Lisa claims Kim isn’t really a housewife (since she is, after all, the only single lady in the bunch.) Well, you got us there!

And if you’re doubting The National Enquirer’s investigative prowess like we were, it was nominated for a Pultizer Prize for that shizz earlier this year. Maybe Lisa really is the closet bad girl...

Guess we’ll have to keep watching to see who makes it through Lisa Vanderpump’s elimination round. Anybody else feel a new show brewing — The Real Housewives: Survivor Edition, maybe?

Source: Pop Crunch