Kardashian Plastic Surgery: Fact and Fiction
Credit: L: Jacob Andrzejczak/Getty Images; R: Dario Cantatore/Getty Images    
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The Kardashians

Kardashian Plastic Surgery: Fact and Fiction

Kim have butt implants? Did Kourtney get a boob job? What happened to Bruce Jenner's face? We'll separate rumor from reality so you know which body parts came from Mother Nature and which are surgically enhanced.

Kim's multiple procedures?
The rumors: Nose job, butt implants, breast implants, Botox
The reality: Kim has copped to Botox. (Hello! We witnessed it in Season 5 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians!)

In an interview with Nightline (see video below), Kim laughed off the rumors of her nose job, breast implants, and butt alterations, telling Cynthia McFadden, "Trust me honey, if I take this bra off you will tell me I need to get them done. I'm totally not against plastic surgery. ... I've tried Botox before. That's the only thing that I've done... I've never had my nose done."

According to Us Weekly, Kim has considered getting a nose job. She said, "What's funny about my nose, it's my biggest insecurity. I always want to get my nose done... I went to the doctor, I had them take the pictures, he showed me what it would look like and it just didn't — I wouldn't look the same."

Kourtney's breast enhancement?
The rumors: Breast implants
The reality: Kourtney cops to breast implants.

In the same Nightline interview, Kourtney, in her usual blasé style, said it's no secret she had the surgery at age 22 — she blogged about it back in July 2009! But her new, curvier figure is all thanks to her recent pregnancy.

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Credit: L: Jacob Andrzejczak/Getty Images; R: Dario Cantatore/Getty Images    
Kardashian Plastic Surgery: Fact and Fiction
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images    
Kris's surgeries?
The rumors: Facelift, Botox, nose job
The reality: Kris cops to Botox and two breast augmentations in 1988.

When Cynthia McFadden asked Kim about her supposed rhinoplasty in the Nightline interview, Kris jumped in to say, "None of us have had our nose done." She did, however, admit she had her breasts done twice in 1988 because the first surgery didn't work — whatever that means. The Kardashian kids came to their mother's defense, citing a great makeup artist — and, as Kris pointed out, a little Botox — as the reason Kris looks so different now than she does in older photographs.

Bruce's botched facelift?
The rumors: Facelift, nose job
The reality: Bruce cops to a facelift and nose job in 1984 and corrective surgery in 2009.

Citing personal difficulties as the reason he went under the knife in 1984, Bruce told Access Hollywood, "I had just gone through my second divorce, lost a lot of money. I was in a little dinky house." The work was not exactly a success, and 25 years later, Bruce underwent surgery to fix the previous procedures. Kim blogged afterwards, "Bruce has gotten a lot of media criticism in the past for getting an ill-advised partial facelift and a nose job. Unfortunately, the result wasn't what Bruce had hoped for and for years since then he has been the victim of cruel taunts from the media." The results, which the entire Kardashian family was thrilled with, were revealed in Season 3 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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