Top 5 Worst Performances on American Idol
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American Idol

Top 5 Worst Performances on American Idol

We apologize in advance for making you relive these horrible performances from past seasons of American Idol. After all, we cringed all over again just remembering Megan Joy Corkrey's bird-inspired performance during Season 8. (Crazy how we can hear the cawing just like it was yesterday.)

With that said, here are our choices for the top five worst American Idol performances ever:

5. "I Shot the Sheriff" by Jason Castro (Season 7)
Just because you wear dreads doesn't mean you should sing Bob Marley. Jason Castro ignored this truism and went ahead and performed "I Shot the Sheriff" during Season 7. Jason's dreadful (pun intended) arrangement of Bob Marley's masterpiece was a major flop with the judges. "That was utterly atrocious," Simon said. "That is a song you do not touch… It was like a first-round audition massacre… Honestly, I don't know what you were thinking." Jason replied with a big smile, "I was thinking Bob Marley!" Correction, Jason: You weren't thinking.
4. "Rockin' Robin" by Megan Joy Corkrey (Season 8)
Now, back to Megan Joy Corkrey's "Rockin Robin" performance from Season 8’s Michael Jackson night — a performance that featured wing-flapping, bizarre dancing, and even some cawing at the end. And to think that out of all the Michael Jackson hits Megan could have performed, she chose a song for which wing-flapping and cawing might actually make sense! Not surprisingly, Megan flew home the next night.
3. "Copacabana" by Bobby Bennett (Season 5)
Let's just put it this way: Bobby Bennett's performance of Barry Manilow's "Copacabana" during Season 5 made us think of a bad karaoke performance at an amusement park, sung by a cruise ship performer. (Did we pack enough Idol insults in there?) After Bobby managed to make the corny classic even cornier with all of his fake enthusiasm and occasional pointing at the camera, Simon Cowell remarked, "If you hear a scream from a hotel room in Las Vegas, that's where Barry Manilow's watching this show." Priceless!
2. "Part-Time Lover" by Kevin "Chicken Little" Covais (Season 5)
When will contestants learn that song choice is key when you're competing on American Idol? It's strange enough that any contestant would choose to sing Stevie Wonder's "Part Time Lover" when they're trying to prove themselves pop star-worthy in today's music industry, but it's even stranger when the contestant singing grown-man lyrics like "we are undercover passion on the run" is a scrawny, four-eyed high school junior known as Chicken Little. "Appalling" was one of the words the judges used to describe the odd performance. We disagree. We were too busy laughing out loud to be appalled.
1."You Really Got Me" By Sanjaya Malakar (Season 6)
Sanjaya Malakar delivered one horrible performance after the other when he was on Season 6 of American Idol, but none was quite as cringe-worthy as his rendition of Van Halen's "You Really Got Me." It was bad enough that he pranced around the stage like a misguided rock star, but the shots of Ashley, his pig-tailed tween fan, sobbing in the audience made the performance one of the strangest we've ever seen on American Idol.

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