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American Idol

5 Reasons We’ll Miss Simon Cowell and 5 Reasons We’re Happy to See Him Go

We'll miss Simon "Mr. Nasty" Cowell on American Idol next season — but we won't miss his too-tight T-shirts! In this spirit of competing feelings, we've pitted five reasons we'll miss the dreaded judge against five reasons we're happy to see him go.

5. We'll miss the way he read our minds. If we were thinking it, Simon would usually say it. He was the judge we agreed with the most.
We won't miss the way he looked just as bored as we felt. There were several episodes during Season 9 when we wanted to yawn more than we wanted to cheer. It didn't help that Simon's expression confirmed that he was feeling the same way. At least pretend you're happy to be at your own show!

4. We'll miss his translations. We could always count on Simon to translate for the rest of us when one of his fellow judges wasn't making any sense. How many times did we hear "What Paula (or Kara) meant to say was…"
We won't miss his eye-rolling. Didn't Simon's mother teach him that he shouldn't roll his eyes when someone else is speaking?

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3. We'll miss his presence. Just seeing Simon Cowell at the judges' table at the beginning of each show made us feel excited about the night ahead.
We won't miss his too-tight T-shirts. With all the money he makes, you would think Simon could afford some new clothes. We're really hoping he gets a makeover for X-Factor.

2. We'll miss his flirtation with the female judges. It was kinda cute how Simon flirted with the female judges.
We won't miss his uncomfortable exchanges with Ryan Seacrest. We were never quite sure what to make of Ryan and Simon's showdowns. Remember when Simon told Ryan to "Come out [of the closet]?" or when Ryan walked over to the judges' table to stare Simon down? Way uncomfortable!

1. We'll miss the hilarious insults. How did Simon come up with so many memorable put-downs during the audition rounds? Genius!
We won't miss the overused comparisons. Even the king of snark wasn't always on top of his game. By Season 9, we were sick of listening to him compare performances to something you would hear at an amusement park or on a cruise ship.

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