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American Idol

American Idol Season 10 Theme Night Wish List

American Idol's producers might need some help when it comes to choosing their musical themes this season. (How many times are we going to see a Billboard #1 hits night or a "Pick a song from the year you were born" episode? Yawn!) To get their creative juices flowing, we've cobbled together our own American Idol theme night wish list.

Hip-Hop Remix Night: There's a singer on Britain's X-Factor who became one of the show's most popular contestants after singing her own versions of rapper Jay-Z's hit songs. This got us thinking: Wouldn't it be fun to see American Idol contestants taking on songs by Lil' Wayne, Kanye West, and other hip-hop stars? It's about time American Idol got some street cred!

Choreographed Performance Night: Sometimes, a performer needs to sing and dance at the same time — just ask new judge Jennifer Lopez! We'd love to watch the Idol wannabes belt out their songs while busting a move for America's votes. (Okay, so the rockers would probably threaten to quit the show that week, but we're pretty sure they'd get over it.)

Aerosmith Night: Plenty of Idol wannabes have tried to perform Aerosmith songs over the years. During the worst attempts, we used to imagine Steven Tyler screaming profanities at his television set. Now that we actually have Steven sitting at the judges' table, let's see what the Aerosmith front man would say about the Idol contestants belting out his band's biggest hits. (If that theme doesn't work out, we'd also settle for a J. Lo night.)

A Cappella Night: It's one thing to sound like a superstar when there are instruments complementing your vocals. But what if the band took the night off? It's time to hear our Idols showcase their skills without any musical backing at all. Bo Bice sounded fantastic when he performed an unaccompanied version of the song "In a Dream" during Season 4, so an Idol a cappella night might not be too disastrous.

Celebrity Duets Night: Why save all the awesome celebrity duets for finale night? American Idol producers should recruit some of music's hottest stars for a non-finale duet night. Let's see how the wannabes measure up when they’re performing next to more experienced singers.

Original Song Night: So many performers are great songwriters these days — but what about the Idol contestants? Creativity is an asset in the music business, so we want to know what each contestant would come up with if they were challenged to write and perform an original song in one week. (We didn't say we would make our theme nights easy, did we?)

What's on your American Idol theme night wishlist? Sound off in the comments below!

12.2.2010 / 04:45 AM EDT by Latoya West
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