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America's Next Top Model

Ann Ward Wins: Recap of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 15, Episode 13, “Roberto Cavalli”

The House That Tyra Rented: Could this really be it? Chelsey and Ann in the last dance? The old pro meets the novice? Let’s see how they’re feeling before the big fight. Chelsey has wanted this for 20 years, guys. Twenty years. And she’s only 23, so this isn’t a girl who went through a veterinarian phase. Ann says this is a much bigger deal than graduating high school. We were going to disagree with this, but she’s probably right. Both models want to call their parents with the news, but they’ve probably been told they’ll be sued for that. There are tears and pizza at home.

Actually, Not Too Vogue-y: The top two meet with Vogue Italia photographer Vincent Peters, who says the shoot will not be as Vogue as they might expect. Really, Vincent Peters? After all we’ve heard this cycle is how everything is expected to be Vogue? Anyway, Chelsey and Ann, clad in flowy dresses, pose in the grass and in the water, while Vincent says things like, “Don’t forget me when you’re famous.”

Easy, Breezy, Not Cheesy:
Stop the presses. There will be voiceovers for the Cover Girl commercial this time around, so no memorizing and subsequent fumbling required. After Jay hands the girls this gift, he tells them the concept for the shoot, which is as follows: Two beautiful girls sit in a beautiful place and then walk around that same beautiful place while wearing Lash Blast Fusion Mascara. There are smiles and gelato. Jay cannot believe how well this is going. As a reward, he announces, “Your families are here!” Actually, that was probably planned ahead of time, but whatever. At least no one’s getting sued. The families get to watch the print ads being shot, as well as the runway show, which seems like it would only give the finalists more anxiety. While one model does her print ad, the other records her voiceover, and both find the VO work challenging. Jay’s like, “You’re meeting someone else, too!”

IMG Ivan: That person is IMG dude Ivan Bart. Predictably, Chelsey says she wants this because she’s wanted it for so long. Predictably, Ann says she wants this because she used to be picked on for being tall, and that’s not an issue here. Predictably, Ivan says he hasn’t made up his mind. (But we don’t believe him.)

Just Cavalli (and a Bunch of Other People): Ann and Chelsey arrive at the runway show. Since the theme is apparently surprise guests, Jay brings out Krista from Cycle 14, as well as Liz, Chris, Jane, and Kayla. He introduces Kayla as “the red head girl,” as though Ann and Chelsey have already forgotten her. Jane wants Ann to win. Kayla wants Chelsey to take it. The show starts, and Tyra sounds like she wants Krista to win again, so enamored is she with the walk. Ann’s walk is leaps and bounds from where it used to be, but she’s still a bit apprehensive. Chelsey is more confident, but a little stiff, too. Tyra yells, “I love these clothes!” We agree. Both sets of ‘rents are crazy proud and teary-eyed, natch.

The Firing Squad:
Tyra, Nigel, Jay, Andre and Roberto Cavalli break it down for us. Runway show: Nigel and Jay thought Chelsey was tentative, but Cavalli thought she looked natural, save for one awkward hand motion. Nigel thought Ann improved big time, but that her eyes were too focused. Andre gives her a B- for the night. Commercial: Amazingly, the major criticism is that the acting was too good and too realistic from both models, which drew attention away from the mascara. What? Print Ads: Tyra looooves Chelsey’s ad. She thinks it’s powerful. Roberto Cavalli would not be happy if this were an ad for his makeup, however, because he thinks the product is lost. Andre thinks Ann is “a bird in captivity.” Got it. But the question is, as it has always been, can she crossover into commercial work?

The Debate: Behind closed doors, Cavalli says Ann is Italian fashion, and Chelsey is American fashion. Simple as that. Andre describes Ann as “the new sexy” and Chelsey as “perfect American freshness.” They all debate the importance of fashion knowledge when trying to be a fashion model. It gets heated. Somehow, they all pull through and make a decision.

America’s Next Top Model Is: Ann! She gets it all — Vogue Italia, IMG, Cover Girl. Chelsey is, um, visibly angry. Tyra says to her, “But you have to say that we made the wrong choice.” Chelsey replies, “I will.” And she does, right to the camera backstage. Why waste time?

12.2.2010 / 08:07 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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