They Said What?! Top 10 Quotes From ANTM Cycle 15 Finale
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America's Next Top Model

They Said What?! Top 10 Quotes From ANTM Cycle 15 Finale

We’re happy that the models and judges got a few good lines in before the Cycle 15 arrivederci. Check out the Top 10 Quotes from the finale of ANTM Cycle 15.

10. Jay (to Ann): I’m not gonna lie, babycakes, them heels are high.

The good news is that if Jay Manuel ever starts a footwear line, which is probably already in the works, he already has the slogan.

9. Jane (to Ann): I think I’m supposed to be giving you a pep talk. You need to go out there and walk. Really well. And don’t fall.

Smart, if not terribly original, advice.

8. Andre (to Chelsey): I felt no snap, no crackle, and no pop. But having said all of that, your legs looked fantastic.

Which is a sparkly, silver lining if we’ve ever heard one.

7. Nigel (to Tyra): We’re the High Court, like the Supreme Judges.

Right, with equally grave responsibilities.

6. Roberto Cavalli (to Ann and Chelsey): I felt like you preferred the ice cream to the makeup.

Yeah, and? They were having gelato in Italy, Roberto Cavalli!

5. Andre (on Ann’s print ad): There is this pain and fear, but it’s that bird that’s been put into captivity for a moment, and I feel the story. So therefore, I’m drawn into the picture.

They warned us. A picture is worth a thousand words.

4. Andre (to Tyra, on his outfit): Luci, light, light. Luci. Luci, meaning light for the set.

Or, as a friend of ours put it, Andre dressed like a magnificent light bulb.

3. Photographer Vincent Peters (to Ann, as she swatted flies away from her face): They’re not bugs, they’re fans.

Nope, just bugs. Gross bugs.

2. Ann (to Chelsey): I say cool a lot, but I mean it.

And that’s all that counts. Same goes for "awesome."

1. Nigel (to Ann): Guess what? You’re not normal. You’re America’s Next Top Model.

Aaaand Nigel tied the whole thing up with a pretty bow for us.


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12.2.2010 / 10:15 PM EDT by Lauren Bull
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