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Top 5 Booth and Bones Moments

The great thing about the relationship between Booth and Bones is that we've been able to watch it develop and deepen slowly over time. They've gone from being awkward coworkers to close friends, and we've had the joy of witnessing all the small, special instances where the two fall just a little bit more in love. Read on for five of Booth and Bones' best moments — and prepare to swoon.

5. Bones admits that she's pictured herself with Booth (Season 6, Episode 2, "The Couple in the Cave")
Booth and Brennan are puzzled over a case involving a male and female victim whose remains were found in a cave. When they died, the man was embracing the woman; his injuries weren't as severe as his companion's, but he didn't leave her to go for help. After Booth and Bones identify the bodies, they realize that the two people — who were obviously romantically involved — were of completely different socioeconomic backgrounds. Booth, Sweets, and Bones discuss the case over lunch at a diner, and Bones says when people are opposites it can sometimes work out. She admits that she used to imagine herself and Booth together. Of course, being Bones, she says this so matter-of-factly that Booth almost drops his spoon. Sitting awkwardly between them, Sweets asks if they want to be alone. They don't.

4. Bones recommends the perfect gift for Booth (Season 6, Episode 3,"The Maggots in the Meathead")
When Hannah and Booth move in together, she asks Bones what kind of gift he might like as a housewarming present. Bones tells her to get an old, heavy rotary phone — the kind that could double as a weapon. A romantic at heart, Booth loves all things solid and antique. Hannah wisely gets him the phone and surprises him with it when Bones is there. As Booth thanks his girlfriend, both she and Bones say, "You're welcome." Bones gets a sad look on her face, knowing that's her cue to exit. Still, Booth follows her out and says he'll see her tomorrow. In doing that, he lets her know how touched he is that she recommended the gift.

3. Booth tells Bones she is a surprising woman (Season 1, Episode 19,"The Man in the Morgue")
When Brennan goes down to New Orleans to help identify Katrina victims, she wakes up in a pool of blood with fuzzy memories from the night before. Booth immediately rushes down to the Big Easy to find out what happened. As they investigate, Bones wonders why the killer didn't just take her life, and Booth tells her she is a "surprising woman" who "fights back." It's clear he cares about her, and the fact that she's tough doesn't bother him at all. In fact, it makes her that much more attractive to him.

2. Bones and Booth dance to "Hot Blooded" (Season 1, Episode 15,"Two Bodies in the Lab")
When Brennan needs protection, Booth decides to move in and be her personal bodyguard. As he tries to make sense of her house (what, no TV?), he spots her music collection and is impressed. He pulls out a few CDs before settling on Foreigner. As Booth cranks up the volume, he and Brennan dance and shout/sing to the music. The result? A whole lot of awkwardness — especially since Brennan appears to have learned her dancing skills from Seinfeld's Elaine — with a dash of sweetness mixed in. You just know these two are meant for one another.

1. Bones and Booth kiss under the mistletoe (Season 3, Episode 9,"The Santa in the Slush")
Oh, Caroline Julian. The bossy prosecutor reminds us of the well-intentioned aunt who constantly pushes you to consider "that nice boy from the office." She pushes and pushes because she sees that you dig him and yet can't admit it to yourself. When Bones asked for Caroline's help in spending Christmas with her father, who was in prison, Caroline made Bones and Brennan kiss under the mistletoe before she said yes. What's a harmless kiss under the mistletoe? For Booth and Brennan, it was so much more than that. Can you say hawt?

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