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Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Hodgins and Angela Together in Bones

We've been watching the romance blossom (and un-blossom) between Booth and Brennan for years, and while they've been unsure about their love story, another couple on Bones has embraced the whole soul-mate thing full force. Individually, we've loved Angela and Hodgins from the beginning, and the fact that they're together? Even better. Here are five reasons Hodgela rocks.

5. They're rebels, in their own way
Angela and Hodgins are very different people, and yet they share a certain rebelliousness. A free-spirited artist, Angela is steadfast about remaining true to herself; Hodgins enjoys working the system and sticking it to the man every once in a while. When they collaborate on a "scheme," it's that much more fun to watch. (It also doesn’t hurt that Angela has tempered Hodgins's "I hate the… government, media, administrators" and anyone else in charge ranting... )

4. They share a great sense of humor
When you're working with rotting flesh and bones all day, it can get pretty bleak. Good thing Angela and Hodgins have a healthy sense of humor about things! They put in their best effort when it comes to identifying a corpse, but at the end of the day, they can go home and lead a normal, happy life.

3. They're proof that opposites attract
Angela spends her days sketching, while Hodgins eagerly delves into the bug world. Opposites? Sure, but they are different enough to keep things interesting in their relationship. She shows him the beauty of the world, and he teaches her that science is an art form all its own.

2. Angela brings out Hodgins's generous side
When Hodgins first talks to Angela in Season 1 about how she has inspired Bones to have a "big life," it is exactly what Angela needs to hear, not to mention ridiculously sweet. He goes out of his way to make sure she feels better, and then flashes her a genuine smile that could melt any gal's heart. (The blue eyes don't hurt either.) Throughout their relationship, Hodgins has stood by her side and been a strong, handsome source of support.

1. We knew they'd fall before they did
Also back in Season 1, when Hodgins was still spending time with random tall and leggy blondes, Zack busted Hodgins's chops about standing up straighter around Angela so he could appear taller. And when Hodgins caught those pictures of Angela in a bathing suit, he totally dug what he saw. That's right: We knew they'd get together even before they did.