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Grey's Anatomy

A Shocking Proposal! Recap of Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 10: “Adrift and at Peace”

Here we are barely into December, but it's Christmastime in our little Grey's world on account of all the holiday music playing in this episode. In any case, Derek is preparing for a fishing trip with Cristina as Meredith gets all doubt-y about the whole excursion and its likelihood of success. But she's silenced when the doorbell rings and Cristina arrives. The two stare at each other awkwardly, and Meredith gives a pathetic wave. (It's a pretty elementary-school-ish moment.) Seems like the Twisted Sisters have become the Distant Sisters.

When Cristina and Derek arrive at the lake, she amuses him with all of her Googled knowledge of fishing. But her chatter becomes a nuisance when they're out on the water and trying to catch fish. All he wants is peace and quiet so that they actually have a chance, but Cristina says she can't stop thinking. But then, miraculously, she falls silent and seems to be lost in her own thoughts. Et voilà

But then she catches something. She's ecstatic, especially when they get back to shore and find out it's a 21-pound trout. Right before a fellow fisherman snaps a photo of Cristina and her prize, she starts crying. Derek tells the guy to take the picture anyway, saying it's a moment she'll want to remember, and the guy does. It seems like it's a moment of true happiness/inner peace/catharsis for Cristina. Well, shoot, we should all go out on fishing trips!

Callie and Mark are showering together and talking sex when Mark lets it slip that he thinks about Lexie whenever they bang. Callie isn't cool with that and kicks him out of the shower. At the hospital, she tries to sell her patient Ron and his wife on a minimally invasive hip replacement, but the wife is annoying and thinks she knows better. Alex wants Callie to stick up for herself and her talent, but Callie prefers to wait for them to come back on their own accord. And come back they do, with their tails between their legs. Callie has some fun at their expense, pretending like she's all booked up and that she's doing them a huge favor by squeezing them in. You go, Callie! You are as awesome as you say you are. During the surgery, Callie woos Alex into being her protege, but then Stark returns and Alex opts to go with him instead. Callie is disappointed, but she still maintains her air of awesomeness.

As Bailey and the Chief take a guy's gallbladder out of his mouth (which looks pretty freakin' disgusting), Bailey announces a new contest: the resident who finds a protocol that results in the fewest post-op fistulas gets to take out the next patient''s gallbladder via the mouth. (Let's just hope we don't have to be present for the prize.) Lexie, April, and Jackson immediately go to work hatching plans. April does some sugary-sweet trash talk, but she's the first to lose. Lexie meanwhile butts heads with the ICU nurse, Eli, when he doesn't follow her instructions and takes out a post-op patient's drain. Eli contends that his protocol is the right one since he's been at the hospital for twelve years. Lexie tries to get Mark to talk to him, and Mark agrees to do it in exchange for a date at Joe's. The two of them agree on two drinks. But Mark and Eli are chummy, and Mark only pretends to be pleading Lexie's case. (In exchange for keeping up the facade, Mark gives Eli tickets to a Seahawks game.) Later, Bailey realizes that taking the drain out on the third day after surgery — as Eli has been doing — is actually dramatically decreasing the chance of fistulas developing, and she's exuberant. Eli seizes this chance to ask her out, and she's in such a good mood that she accepts his invitation.

A couple is rushed into the ER after having fallen a hundred feet into a ravine while hiking. The wife, Trina, only has a lacerated ear because she landed on top of her husband, Jason, who is way, way worse off. Like, seconds from death. Owen rushes him into surgery with Meredith assisting. The surgery is particularly nasty because Jason's abdomen is swollen with blood from countless bleeders. (We're kinda feeling lightheaded right now. We're lying down. And.... we're back.) Owen is kinda stressed and super-intense throughout. During a moment of indecision, Meredith needles him for a plan, and he chides her for talking to him in that tone. Then, when she does one stitch more than he wants, he kicks her out of the OR. After the surgery, she confronts Owen about letting their personal disagreement about Cristina's decisions interfere with their professional relationship. He tells Meredith that he thinks she's reckless with her life and fearless, and that makes her a bad influence for Cristina. But their bickering aside, Jason is in critical but stable condition, and that's where we leave him.

Teddy meets a charming patient named Mr. Burton (played by guest star Scott Foley) in an elevator. He later reveals that he doesn't have insurance, and Teddy takes a look at his chart. Turns out, he has a mean tumor on his adrenal gland and he's been in and out of the hospital a lot over the past three years. She talks to the Chief about making his case a pro bono case, but the Chief is reluctant. She says that she needs something to focus on now that she failed with Cristina, and he relents and says he'll speak to the board about Burton's case. But the board is even more unyielding. The Chief slips Burton some free samples of the medication he needs, which is enough for a little while. But then Teddy has a shocking proposal: she literally proposes. She figures they can marry and he can use her health insurance. He's skeptical, but she plays the Hippocratic Oath card and seems to talk him into it.

The real watercooler moment of the episode, however, is at the end, when Callie answers a knock at her door and finds none other than Arizona on the other side of it. Turns out, Arizona regretted the break-up almost instantly and surprised even herself when she told her colleagues in Africa that she wanted to go home. She says all the right things in all the right ways, but a shadow falls over her face (literally and figuratively) as Callie closes the door on her. Again we say, Callie, you're awesome.

And now we have to wait until JANUARY for new episodes. No fair.

12.3.2010 / 09:28 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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