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America's Next Top Model

Ann Ward Brings Home the Bacon on ANTM But Is Embarrassed Over Bacon Photo

While Ann Ward did win 5 best photos in a row (the most of any Top Model contestant ever!), she still had one of the worst photos in history displayed over and over on national TV. Girl, we felt for you. This infamous bacon photo (and kitty cat sidekick), among many other things, made us root for Ann week after week and we had the opportunity to ask Ann what she thought of it. Here are the embarrassing details:

The producers played a photo of you eating bacon over and over on the show. What did you think of that?
They showed that picture so much. I remember watching the show at home. My parents, every single time that came on TV, they were like, “Why do they keep showing that?” They were so confused. It was a very glamorous photo of myself, so I’m not too upset... [snickers]

Who sent that photo in?
I don’t even know. I think my mom might have snuck that in.

Did she regret it?
I think so. She was like, “Ugh. I should have sent them more!”

Were there any moments that you didn’t want us to see that they showed?
Probably that bacon photo. That was pretty bad. I didn’t even know it was sent in.

Want to hear more from Ann? Read our full interview with her here.

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12.3.2010 / 05:15 AM EDT by Kim Kaufman
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