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America's Next Top Model

High Five Denials and More OMG Moments From ANTM Cycle 15 Finale

Considering it was the finale, the OMG Moments were fairly tame. That doesn't mean, however, there weren’t a few surprises — big and small — along the way. Check out the Top 5 from the finale.

5. Chelsey was (twice) denied a high five.
Oh, Chelsey. Never go back once you are shut down the first time! Not once, but twice, Ann showed a little moxie when she left Chelsey hanging. If it were anyone else, this wouldn’t seem like much, but since it’s probably the meanest thing Ann’s ever done, we took note.

4. Chelsey modeled her Versace winter coat for no reason.
The editors certainly didn’t do Chelsey any favors by cutting together a scene of her twirling around in her Versace coat in front of Ann with a scene of her describing the reasons she should beat Ann. Awkward.

3. Then the families showed up.
The surprise appearance of Ann and Chelsey’s respective families went about the same way as you might expect a surprise appearance from your own family to go. There were tears, awkward introductions, and a couple of close calls. When Chesley’s mom said she came awfully close to telling Tyra about her older son’s crush, we breathed the same sigh of relief as Chelsey.

2. Team Ann and Team Chelsey form.
After Jay brought back Kayla, Chris, Liz and Jane to walk in the Just Cavalli show, the loyalties of some previously eliminated contestants became clear. Jane was Team Ann, because she explained, Chelsey already had her shot a modeling career. Kayla, however, seemed more defiant in her allegiance to Chelsey, saying that Ann “gets tired after, like, five seconds.” We’re not even sure what that was referring to, but she seemed unwavering in her conviction, which was interesting.

1. Tyra told Chelsey to prove her wrong.
This was weird. Tyra told Chelsey that the show has given her a platform — that she is no longer just the pretty blond girl — and she should say that they made the wrong choice in picking Ann. The trouble is when Chelsey literally did just that — "I feel cheated. I feel like I have the whole package for what it takes to be America’s Next Top Model, and I don’t think Ann does" — it sounded less like a strong-willed model with a bright future ahead and more like an angry runner-up. But Tyra told her to do it!


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Top 5 Tyra-isms, Cycle 15, Episode 13: Finale

12.3.2010 / 04:10 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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