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The Vampire Diaries

Recap of The Vampire Diaries, Season 2, Episode 10: “The Sacrifice”

5. Tyler sees what awaits him at the full moon. (And it’s not cute!)
One thing about the citizens of Mystic Falls: They take copious notes. While Elena and Co. were off doing their thing, Ty was busy bonding with Caroline over their supernaturalness. They went out to the old Lockwood ruins to ‘ces the situation. While there, they found the journal where Mason not only noted how he felt about what was happening to him, but also shot digital video of his first transformation and attached the memory chip. (Good looking out, Uncle May!) And let’s just say this: Ty thought he wanted to know what was in store for him — until he started fast-forwarding through that footage. Five hours in, Uncle May still hadn’t finished transforming. It was ug-to-the-ly and Ty couldn’t watch anymore. He started crying. (Literal tears.) “Caroline, whatever that was,” he said, “I can’t go through that!”

4. Stefan sacrifices his freedom for Jeremy.
When Kat realized Bonnie couldn’t get her out, she decided to torture her new Gilbert chew toy by going back for thirds (or was it fourths?). Before she could take a bite, Stefan ran in, pushed her aside, and tossed Jeremy out of the tomb. One foolish little brother out. One brave Salvatore in. Drats.
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What are we going to do about Elena? In the first ep back from a much-too-long Turkey Day hiatus, the most popular doppelganger in town once again maps the epicenter of trouble and charges in. Seriously, our girl has a knack for putting her foot in it. Just like sexy Salvatore Damon has a knack for pulling her out. (Cue Foo Fighters’: “There goes my hero. Watch him as he goes.”) But we’ll get to that in a sec. Here are ten things you need to know about last night’s episode, “The Sacrifice.”

10. Luka teaches Bonnie a new trick.
The hot new spellcaster in town flirted with Bon-Bon, much to our delight (evil warlock dad be damned). When she admitted she was still having witch growing pains — in the form of nosebleeds, etc. — he broke it down for her: “You’re trying to do too much on your own. You need help,” he said. “Have you ever channeled another witch before?” Of course she hasn’t! Girlfriend’s still highlighting the Grimoire. So when she gave him the Scooby Doo “I dunno” look, Luka taught her how to make a new kind of magic happen. In plain view of student body, they exchanged jewelry, held it in their hands (in a way obvious prayer position), closed their eyes, and whipped up a whirlwind. It was a neat trick — this channeling thing. So we’re not surprised that Bonnie used it quickly. (See item No. 6.)

9. Elena tries to commit suicide.
Call it Death By Vampire. After the Salvatores told Elena they were going to enter the tomb and rumble Katherine for the moonstone so they could de-spell it and save her life, Elena came up with her own plan: Bribe Rose into helping her turn herself in to the original vampire Klaus. Of course, Elena didn’t tell Rose that’s what she was actually doing. Long story short: E told Rose that if she took her to Slater, she’d get her a daywalker ring. Once they were in Slater’s fab apartment, however, they found his really-really, as in for-real-dead body. So Elena used his freaked out wannabe vamp girlfriend to send a message to Klaus. “The doppelganger is alive and she’s ready to surrender.” Rose flipped. “So this whole charade was some suicide mission so that you could sacrifice yourself and save everyone else.” Riiight. Sounds crazy to us too.

Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW ©2010 The CW Network    
3. Matt comes back.
Turns out Matt’s been keeping a low profile since the whole Sarah-Tyler death incident. Looking all depressed and ashamed, he apologized to Tyler. Later he went to Caroline’s house, looking even more wounded than before. “I miss you,” he said. It was a romantic make-up moment. Too bad Tyler ruined it by walking up behind Caroline, making it look like they had something going on. Great. If Matt ends up in a nuthouse next week we won’t be surprised.

2. Damon saves Elena from herself.
After she discovered E’s true plan, Rose ratted Elena out with quickness, express dialing her bloodsucking friend with privileges, Damon. And, of course, the eldest Salvatore wasted no time in getting to Richmond to keep Elena from turning herself in. “Who’s going to save your life while you’re out making decisions?” he asked. Ooo-ooo! We know the answer!

1. Elijah finds Elena.
But don’t worry. He lets her (and Damon) live. For now. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Using the trinkets he stole from the Gilbert’s house, evil warlock dad Jonas Martin cast a locating spell for Elijah. Only, unlike Bonnie’s tomb spell, this incantation worked. The original vampire saw that Elena was in Slater’s apartment and vamped over to claim his prize. But once he got there, he didn’t. He killed three other vamps who’d come to turn her in to Klaus, looked at Damon, then split. It turns out he doesn’t need to take Elena right now; he just needs to know that she’s alive and safe. And he figures as long as she’s with the Salvatores she’s safe. Why? As he says of Damon, “He would die before he let anything happen to her. They both would.” And that’s why we heart them.
Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW ©2010 The CW Network    
8. Jeremy gets the moonstone.
Apparently, the martyr gene runs in the Gilbert family. While his sister was out trying to get herself killed, Jeremy was busy scheming a way to save her life. Bonnie figured out that she if she burned something of Katherine’s (in this case the daguerreotype portrait), Damon and Stefan could use the ashes to knock her out and buy some find-the-moonstone time. Lil’ Jer loved that idea so much he stole some of the ashes and headed down to the tomb. “I’m here for the moonstone,” he declared. Then, using one of Alaric’s slaying machines, Jer staked Kitty Kat in the gut, threw the ashes on her, and commenced to finding the moonstone. Hot damn it worked! Sorta. Before he could get to the door the lady woke up and… (See item No. 7)

7. Katherine gets Jeremy.
Lady Pierce didn’t even have to try, really. She just vamped up to him and went straight for the neck. While she was tapping his vein, Jer tossed the stone out of the tomb — just past the bespelled lock-a-vampire-in zone. Awww. The things we do for fam…

6. Bonnie fails to break the tomb spell.
What’s the fastest way to squash a ‘ship before it starts? Steal a man’s energy without asking first. That’s what Bonnie did after she, Stefan, and Damon discovered that Elena’s little brother had managed to turn himself into Katherine’s never-emptying dinner plate. Holding the Grimoire and Luka’s dog tag necklace, she closed her eyes and did that witch-chanting thing. Dude felt it right away. “It’s Bonnie Bennett, she’s channeling me,” Luka told his father. Bon-Bon’s nose started to bleed. Luka’s nose started to bleed. Luka started to convulse. Bonnie passed out. And for what? As she said when she came to: “It didn’t work.”

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