Top 5 Ickiest Moments of Bones Season 6 (So Far)
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Top 5 Ickiest Moments of Bones Season 6 (So Far)

Bones is well-known for featuring some of the grossest scenes on TV, which makes sense since it is a show about a forensic pathologist. But a few moments have probably made you wince more than others. Here are some of the ickiest moments of Season 6... so far.

5. It's called Bones for a reason (Episode 6,"The Shallow in The Deep")
Brennan pounds on Booth's door to wake him up. As Booth rises, his own bones, every last one of them, crack and snap and pop. Disgusting! Even worse, Booth and Bones then drive from his apartment to Sweets's office, where they walk in on Sweets and Daisy doing it on the couch. Nice for Sweets and Daisy, but it wasn't something we needed to see.

4. We really didn't need to see the maggots (Episode 3,"The Maggots in the Meathead")
When a bodybuilding guido who consumed too many stimulants dies, the maggots feeding on his remains jump from the body like they are training for the maggot Olympics. Suddenly, an already freaky crime scene becomes even more disgusting. Booth wisely opts to get some coffee while Bones checks out the quickly decomposing body.

3. Yes, that's facial hair... (Episode 4,"The Body and the Bounty")
When two people go dumpster diving on a date, they start eating fruit and other food items they unearth in the garbage. As if that isn't nausea-inducing enough, they come across rotting human remains, but not the whole body — just the head and hands. David Alan Grier guest stars in the episode as Professor Bunsen Jude "The Science Dude," a TV personality who wants Brennan to join him on his kids' show. She wants to work the case first, so she agrees to let Jude be her "squintern." When Brennan realizes that the hair they found in the dumpster was not from the victim's head but from his beard, Jude vomits. Even worse? Hodgins pins the hair up on a board so he can view it while he works on the remains. Just another day in the lab!

2. We'll pass on that cannoli (Episode 6,"The Shallow in The Deep")
When the team works on identifying the victims of the Amalia Rose, a slave ship that sank off the coast of Maryland, they find pink slime attached to one of the skulls. Hodgins works furiously to identify the organism, and when he finally does, he uses a cannoli and a straw to demonstrate how the slime works to further disintegrate a body. Describing the disgusting process of larvae eating bones and flesh, he sucks out the creamy center of the cannoli, likening it to bone marrow. The tasty treat is now forever ruined.

1. We've been cured of our chocolate addiction! (Episode 7, "The Babe in the Bar")
When workers at Walpert Chocolates cut into the world's largest chocolate bar in front of a crowd of eager children, their saws encounter more than just a nut in the middle of the ginormous confection. In a scene only the Bones writers could dream up, they hack right into a human body, and its decomposed insides spill onto the ground. When everyone glimpses the ribcage protruding from the bar, people start retching. It's full-on grossout guaranteed to turn you off chocolate for at least a week.

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