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A New Writer to Join Richard Castle’s Poker Game?

As we all know by now, Richard Castle is a best-selling author, both on TV and in real life. (Well, as real as a fictional character can be!) And, as we all also know, the coolest part about being a novelist is hanging out with other super-cool (smart, worldly, eccentric) novelists.

Each season during a few random episodes, Richard Castle does exactly that when he and his writer friends get together to play poker. The cool part? The writers on the show are writers in real life, too! James Patterson and Michael Connelly are two examples of the type of talent to thrown down on one of Castle’s games. Talk about impressive!

So impressive, in fact, that we’re kinda missing watching Castle and his literary pals play cards and talk shop. We’re curious about which famous authors we might see up the ante on future episodes — and when.

TV Guide recently posed the “What’s up with the poker game?” question to Castle creator Andrew Marlowe. A rather timely question, considering the recent passing of writer and fellow poker participant Stephen J. Cannell.

Says Marlowe, “We do plan to have another poker game after an appropriate amount of time has passed. We are aiming toward the end of season. No word yet on who else will be joining us. Would love to hear the fans' suggestions.”

Well Andrew, we hope you’re listening: How about we get some women on the table, like Janet Evanovich or Sue Grafton? Or maybe even Stephenie Meyer just to mix things up? (OK, OK, we know Twilight isn’t a mystery series, but maybe if Castle producers get on her good side we’ll see Robert Pattinson turn up in an episode as, like, Castle’s hot nephew or something …. please?)

Source: TV Guide

12.7.2010 / 03:45 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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