Castle’s Nathan Fillion: I Want to be on Glee
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Castle’s Nathan Fillion: I Want to be on Glee

Our main man Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle) is full of big ideas for the future.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the star on Saturday after The Thrilling Adventure Hour (a comedy project Nathan’s involved in) — and you won’t believe the stuff he’s got cookin’ upstairs. (Yes — a stint on Glee included!)

On the Castle front, Fillion says he’s “constantly pitching ideas” to the producers. One of his big ideas is to film an episode where viewers watch the story from different character’s perspectives.

“...In Castle’s perspective, you’ll see him as super cool and everybody’s really into him. From Detective Ryan’s perspective, everybody’s shorter than he is. And for Esposito there would be a lot of salsa music going on,” he says. “...The same story, but told a different way.” What a jokester!

But what about Fillion personally — what would he like to do next? Glee, obvi! He says he’d like to play “some kind of Broadway scout” on the show. “I would be very mean and I wouldn’t sing. I wouldn’t sing until the very, very end and only like a couple notes,” he says. Aww c’mon, we wanna hear what you got, especially after last night’s little “Piano Man” sing-along!

He also says he’d love to pop up in a scene from his old show, One Life to Live, casually bump into the character he used to play, and move on, leaving viewers wondering. Yep, sounds like the prankster we all know and love.

Oh, and don’t worry Castle fans — he talks about the much anticipated Castle-Beckett kiss, too. “They [Castle and Beckett] finally find a reason to lock lips, to really, really smooch it up. No holds bar, ‘30s boxing-style making out,” he says. But because Fillion’s known to play, the interviewers had to make sure he was telling the truth.

“It’s for real. It’s a real smooch, not a pretend smooch,” he responds. No stunt doubles or stand-ins here!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

12.7.2010 / 08:42 PM EDT by Erica Strauss
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