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Emily Deschanel Turns on the Waterworks in Bones Season 6, Episode 9: “The Doctor in the Photo”

It finally gets up close and personal for Brennan in the December 9 episode of Bones, "The Doctor in the Photo." As the team works to solve the murder of a career-driven surgeon, a woman whose absence wasn’t even noticed, Brennan begins to identify with her. "Isn't that almost every human's worst fear — dying and no one misses you, no one notices?" Emily Deschanel said in a teleconference with media outlets about the episode. "This affects Brennan greatly, and she starts relating to the character, believing it's her. She starts seeing her own life and seeing that she made a mistake when she said no to Booth last year."

As seen in the preview, Brennan ends up confessing her feelings to her partner in crime-solving. "That was one of those scenes where you know [it's] there and you prepare for it, and then you're like, 'It's OK if i don't cry, I don't have to cry,'" Emily explained. "But walking in, everyone is expecting that. There's a lot of pressure with that."

"Brennan took that chance, and whether or not it worked out, doesn't matter as much as the fact that she did take that chance," she said. "I think it is a happy ending in that way."

Does it surprise us that it has taken Bones this long to think about this stuff? Not at all. But it's good this emotionally difficult case will push her to take stock of her personal relationships.

The entire episode is related from Brennan's perspective, and Emily enjoyed this twist on the show’s usual formula. Revealing that "The Doctor in the Photo" was one of her favorite scripts, Emily dished, "It's hard because you have to go through all of the emotions that she's going through. At the same time it's refreshing because it's a very different episode than most episodes of the show."

The episode also brings on Enrico Colantoni, who plays a night watchman. But does he really exist or is he part of Brennan's imagination? We'll find out Thursday.

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