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Dianna Agron Wants Christopher Walken on Glee

Glee star Dianna Agron (Quinn) is about to blow up bigger than ever in 2011. Not only does she co-star in the hotly anticipated sci-fi film I Am Number Four with her boyfriend Alex Pettyfer, but she's also going to take part in the Glee Super Bowl episode. Don't think she's not a tad overwhelmed.

"You know literally yesterday I read that script and it’s, I think what they’ve said about it doesn’t really completely — until you see it you won’t understand it — but I read it and before I could really digest it, it was like 'Okay so what are we doing today?' You know, you have to be so 'What’s today?' day by day, on the spot. [...] I will try not to be nervous (laughs)."

Dianna still can't reconcile how massive Glee really is. "It’s interesting because I still don’t believe that anybody watches the show. You know what I mean? It still is a job where I go and I think 'Oh this is just my friends and my family. Oh we’re putting on wigs today.' It’s very weird [...] I still haven’t grasped onto that, also because I don’t watch TV. It’s just, it’s this weird world."

Even weirder? Dianna's choice for dream guest star. "Oh goodness, well I just keep campaigning for Christopher Walken because I love him. I think that would be amazing. I don’t know, I’m just a music lover that it’s hard, sometimes it’s hard for me to see—there’s lines you know what I mean? I like being surprised with the scripts and seeing who they’ve chosen, and I like when it fits the storyline and everything. With that job, it’s kind of just whatever you throw at me I’ll try to take and run."

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12.8.2010 / 06:27 AM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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