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The Bachelor

Big Spoilers! Reality Steve’s Episode Breakdown of Brad Womack’s The Bachelor Season 15

EPISODE 9: Overnight dates (In South Africa, 3 down to 2)

Steve doesn't have any details on these dates, other than: "No dramatic exits for anyone like running back to an ex-boyfriend back home or anything of that nature. Not really sure on any of the locations or where they all went to during the overnights, nor do I care. If I find out, I’ll let you know, but I’m not holding my breath."

Who goes home? Ashley Hebert is eliminated.

EPISODE 10: (The Women Tell All special. Get all the spoilery details here.)

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney    
EPISODE 2 (20 ladies down to 17)

Ali and Roberto: During the second episode, the reigning king and queen of the franchise, Ali Fedotowsky and fiance Roberto "Dimples" Martinez, stop by to talk to the ladies and do a vetting on who is here for the "right reasons." That's always a joke unless "right reasons" includes trying to land a future spot as The Bachelorette or a celeb on Dancing with the Stars.

One-on-one date: Brad and Ashley Hebert — whose longtime ex-boyfriend died right before she came on the show — enjoy time at an amusement park created for them. Brad kisses her on the Ferris wheel and this is what we see in one of the promos. She gets a rose. Steve says this date took place on Monday, September 27, after Brad was revealed to be the new Bachelor on Dancing with the Stars.

Group date: Brad and the ladies film public service announcements about giving blood to the American Red Cross. (This would be a good date for the vampire chick.) According to Steve, in one of the scenes, he has a kind of threesome with Britt and Chantal, as they each take turns making out with him. "Melissa interrupts this 3-some to get some action of her own and starts making out with Brad as well. The day of this group date was Michelle's birthday. She isn't really thrilled with the way Brad is tonguing down everyone on set, so she doesn't participate and leaves. Brad ends up finding her, and Michelle gets the rose." So, happy birthday, Michelle. But it might be time for her to realize that this show is all about Brad kissing other girls.

One-on-one date: Jackie Gordon — artist girl who works with special needs kids — goes with Brad to a spa. She then gets to pick out a dress and jewelry and they get a private concert from Train. She gets a rose.

Who goes home? Three women are eliminated: Raichel Goodyear, Melissa Schreiber, and Keltie Colleen.

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EPISODE 8 (Hometown dates, 4 down to 3)

Emily Maynard (Charlotte, NC, filmed October 27): Her daughter was filmed as part of her video package in the beginning of the show.

Chantal O'Brien (Mercer Island, WA, filmed October 29) Visited Alki Beach and the Space Needle before meeting the family.

Shawntel Newton (Chico, CA, filmed October 31) The mortician gets the Halloween date!

Ashley Hebert (Madawaska, ME, filmed on November 2) Ate at the Lakeview Restaurant in St. Agatha, Maine.

Who goes home? Shawntel Newton is eliminated. Wah! The show hasn't even started and she was already our favorite, just for being different.

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney    
EPISODE 11: FINALE (In South Africa, Emily Maynard vs. Chantal O'Brien)

And now, the reveal you've all been waiting for: Brad's final choice is... Chantal O'Brien, The Slapper! At least, that's what Steve says. You know we're not believing everything he says these days. But if it is true, does this mean Emily Maynard could become the Season 7 Bachelorette, just as we predicted?

UPDATE: No, no it doesn't. We were right to question Steve. With two weeks left to the season, Steve and his sources reversed course, telling us Brad actually chooses Emily over Chantal. So, sorry, but Emily does not get to be Mrs. Womack and the Bachelorette at the same time. And all the stuff below about how Steve knows he’s right because Brad spent Thanksgiving with the O’Briens? Well, Steve was wrong about that too. Oops.

Here's Steve's intel on the finale: "Not sure about the Final Rose Ceremony breakdown, or how he arrived at the choice, but in the end, Brad chose Chantal O’Brien. Yes, the girl who slapped him. Of course, I expect plenty of you to doubt this because I was wrong on the Roberto/Ali ending last season, and that’s fine. You may doubt all you want, and technically I won’t be vindicated until March 14th when it airs, but I’m not the least bit worried. I know this season I’m right. How do I know this? Because on Thanksgiving, Brad was in Palm Desert, California with Chantal and her family celebrating Thanksgiving with them. The O’Brien family is not hurting for money, dad even owns a private jet, they own a vacation home in an exclusive part of Palm Desert called the Hideaways, and that’s where Brad and Chantal spent Thanksgiving with her family."

Steve also has this to say about Chantal: "As I said, the tabloids will eventually get a hold of Chantal’s ex, and her friends, and people close to her, and stuff is going to get out. Can they whether the storm? Has she already discussed her divorce in detail with Brad? Is she willing to leave her father’s business and move for Brad? Did she REALLY come on this show in hopes to get married or because she’s out for fame and publicity? (This will be discussed more in tomorrow’s column. Yes, two days in a row!) I have no idea. Only time will tell."

So check back for more on that. Interesting. See! Brad isn't even 10th on the list of potentially juicy things this season. It doesn't matter who is in the hot seat when it comes to Bachelor/Bachelorette drama.

Source: Reality Steve
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney    
EPISODE 6 (In Costa Rica, 8 down to 6)

One-on-one: Brad spends more time with "the slapper," Chantal O'Brien. They go camping and get rained on and Brad lets her wear his shirt. (Shirtless Brad? No? Maybe? Please?) She ends up wearing Brad's shirt back to the house and the girls get jealous. She gets a rose.

One-on-one: Alli Travis — Abercrombie girl — has dinner with Brad in a cave. It doesn't appear to go too well and she does not receive a rose. At least it's not a glacier!

Group Date: Steve doesn't have too many details on this group date. A mystery!

Who goes home? Two ladies eliminated: Alli after the one-on-one and Jackie Gordon.
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney    
EPISODE 1 (Monday, Jan. 3)

Jenni & DeAnna: Brad filmed a visit with his Season 11 dumpees, Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas, as a kind of closure. Steve says this pre-taped segment will be shown on the premiere, but Jenni and DeAnna do not show up in person to talk to the ladies.

Now to the meet and greet. The 30 ladies supposedly didn't know the Bachelor would be Brad until the limos pulled up the first night. Nice trick, ABC!

The Slappah! Remember that chick in the green dress who slaps Brad on behalf of "all women in America"? That's Chantal O'Brien. She's the first girl out of the limo and Steve says "she was obviously told to do that and did not come up with that on her own." If she does interviews after her experience maybe she'll set the record straight on that.

First impression rose: Goes to Ashley Spivey, 25, a nanny currently living in New York.

Arm waxer: A cosmetologist/esthetician named Raichel Goodyear waxes Brad's arm. She's the one who puts on a rubber glove in the promos. Creepy.

Ass watch: This is really not how to get back at your ex. Anyway, during the cocktail party, Alli Travis bends over in front of Brad and asks what he thinks of her ass because an ex-boyfriend broke up with her because he wanted a girl with a smaller butt. Sigh.

Proposal! Sarah Powell makes our boy practice getting down on one knee and proposing, just so he knows how to do it.
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney    
EPISODE 7 (In St. Martin, 6 down to 4)

(Side note: It really is worth getting on this show just to travel the world on ABC's dime.)

One-on-one: Britt Billmaier — the Stanford grad/chef — jumps off a cliff with Brad. These extreme dates tend to bond them....

Here's where things get tricky: To quote Steve, "The only other thing I know right now about the actual dates in St. Martin is what I posted back on October 27th. There was a group date that took place on the beach, and one date had Brad and a girl riding bikes together. Not sure which girls were on what date outside of Britt’s 1-on-1. These dates and the group date in Costa Rica are what I’ve been holding out on for the last week. Thought I’d get it, but I didn't. At least right now. Oh well. You’ll live. Weird how for the life of me I can’t find anyone to fill me in on the dates in St. Martin’s, yet I know pretty much every other detail about the season. If I do end up finding out, I’ll let you know."

Who goes home? Guess that cliff jump didn't really bond Brad and Britt! Britt goes home, as does jealous Michelle Money.
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SPOILER ALERT! If you don't want any exposure to Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers, you best get to steppin'.

All right, Spoiler Nation, this is it! Reality Steve just dispatched a long post with all kinds of dish on Brad Womack's The Bachelor Season 15, including the winner he chooses in the finale. Click here for details on the women who make the top 20 after the premiere. Here's the scoop on what happens on each episode:

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney    
EPISODE 5 (In Las Vegas, 11 down to 8)

The Bachelor
must have some deal with the Aria hotel in Vegas, because the ladies at this point get to stay on the top floor.

One-on-one: Shawntel Newton — mortician girl! — goes with Brad to the fashion mall at Aria, then they take another helicopter on a tour of Las Vegas. They have another rooftop dinner and see a fireworks show. Six Feet Under girl gets a rose. At this point, the two Ashleys, Lisa, and Marissa pull a Kasey Kahl and get small rose tattoos.

Group Date: This is the NASCAR time trials date so, obviously, Emily is going to be the star. Lisa wins the time trials, but Brad worries about Emily the whole date and ends up giving her the rose. Poor Lisa. After the time trials, they return to Aria for another pool party.

Two-on-one: The dreaded two-on-one date claims an Ashley! Both of them — Hebert and Spivey — are supposedly really good friends in the house. The two girls and Brad start start rehearsing with the Cirque de Soleil show, Viva Elvis. The women train with the dancers to see which one will join Brad in the show. At dinner he decides to eliminate Ashley Spivey. After dinner, he and Ashley Hebert appear in the show.

Who goes home?
Three women are eliminated: Ashley Spivey from the 2-on-1, plus Marissa May and Lisa Morrisey.
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney    
EPISODE 3 (17 down to 14)

One-on-one date: Ashley Spivey — the girl who got the first impression rose — goes with Brad to Capitol Records where they record Seal's "Kiss From a Rose" together. (But why?) When they're done, Seal himself shows up and surprises them with a private concert. They go on the roof of the building for dinner and make out as "Kiss From a Rose" plays again. Ashley gets a rose and we get a frontrunner. At least for now.

Group date: Another movie scene. A professional stunt man shows up to film stunts. In one of the promos you can see Brad carrying someone away from an explosion. That's Shawntel, the mortician. She gets the rose.

Emily Maynard — the NASCAR single mom — takes a private jet with Brad to Santa Maria, California, to fly kites in a vineyard and eat dinner in a barn. (A barn? Okay...) This is when Emily tells Brad the story about her daughter and the girl's father, who died in a plane crash. Needless to say, she gets a rose.

Who goes home? Two women are eliminated: Kimberly Coon and Sarah Powell. A third woman, Madison Garton — the vampire chick — actually raises her hand at the rose ceremony and asks to leave voluntarily. So we have our first quitter of the season!
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney    
EPISODE 4 (14 down to 11)

One-on-one: Chantal O'Brien — the slapper — flies in a helicopter to Catalina Island, which is where Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzahn became "Kip-Ten" on Bachelor Pad. On this date, they walk across the bottom of the ocean floor and actually spend the night on the island, making the girls back on the ranch think Miss Chantal was eliminated. She and Brad stay in separate rooms and she gets a rose.

Group date: On the Dr. Drew radio show, they pull another Bachelor Pad favorite: a kissing contest. Kind of. In the studio, Brad is blindfolded and the nine girls on the date kiss him one by one. Then they have a pool party. At this point Ashley Hebert seems to get really drunk and upsets some of the ladies. The story of her ex-boyfriend's death seems to play into this somehow. Britt — the Stanford grad and chef — gets the rose.

Before Brad picks up Michelle Money, he takes Ashley Hebert outside to talk to her about her behavior night before. Michelle is already the jealous girl of the house, getting upset with Brad for kissing other girls on the past date. (Maybe it goes with the name Michelle...) Michelle hangs out with Brad at his house, then a helicopter picks them up and flies them to a building in Los Angeles, which they rappel down. (Uh-oh. Extreme dates tend to bond Bachelors and Bachelorettes. Do we have another Vienna on our hands?) The promos show Brad and Michelle kissing as they rappel down the building. They are dropped into a pool where they continue to smooch. Weirdly enough, Steve says Michelle has a black eye from something that happened earlier in the house. Weird. She gets a rose.

Who goes home? Three women are eliminated: Stacey Queripel, Meghan Merritt, Lindsay Hill.

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