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The Vampire Diaries

Birthday Boy Ian Somerhalder Teases Hot Cave Sex

Kristin Dos Santos, the Goddess of Scoopdom, recently chatted with Ian Somerhalder (Damon) — on his birthday, no less — to dish on the HBO hotness of Katherine and Stefan’s hook-up in “By the Light of the Moon.” But of course, Ian also made us swoon with anticipation by teasing about what lies ahead for the couple everyone wants to get together: Delena. Ready for some juicy business? We thought so.

Enjoy a few excerpts from Kristin’s exclusive E!Online story:

First thing's first, Delena fans are going to need to sit tight just a little while longer. Sure, every scene between the star-crossed lovers frenemies is hot like fiyah, but that doesn't mean Damon and Elena will act on their impulses anytime soon.

"Damon may or may not have tried to kill her brother, he may or may not have sort of ruined her life nine ways to Sunday," Ian tells us. "There's a very serious uphill battle that Damon would have to trudge up to make that happen."

"She wears that stupid little necklace that prevents Damon from getting what he wants," he laughs. "Why doesn't he just rip it off? Then he can do whatever he wants. Well, he had the opportunity to and he passed on it."

Translation: Damon is a good guy and would never do to E what Stefan's about to do...

You know, like getting all kinds of cave-sex cozy with her doppelgänger nemesis in this week's episode.

Teases Ian, "Oh yeah, there's some stuff that happens in that cave between Stefan and Katherine that we all read and went, 'Whoa! Is this HBO?'"

Read the rest of the interview here.

Source: E!Online

12.9.2010 / 04:01 AM EDT by Heidi Suke
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