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The Bachelor

Major Bachelor Spoilers! Reality Steve Reveals Brad Womack’s Top 20 Women

SPOILER ALERT! If you don't want any exposure to Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers, you best get to steppin'.

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All right, Spoiler Nation, here we go again. Reality Steve just dispatched an insanely long post with lots details on Brad Womack's The Bachelor Season 15. Here's Steve's intel on the ladies who make it past the first night, where Brad culls the herd from 30 to 20:


In alphabetical order. Brad's potential future victim bride is on this list:

Alli Travis, 24, a buyer for Abercrombie & Fitch who lives in Ohio. (Wasn't Frank Neuschaefer also a manager at Abercrombie? Is ABC casting from there now?)

Ashley Hebert, 25, of Madawaska, Maine has a sad story. Her longtime ex-boyfriend died right before she came on the show. So why did she sign up? She has a tattoo on her wrist that says "Crazy Beautiful." Currently attending dental school at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ashley Spivey, 25, the NY nanny who got the first impression rose, also has a downer of a story. Her father died suddenly two years ago.

Britt Billmaier, 24 or 25, of Seattle, is a Stanford grad and a chef who works for a food magazine. She's a former gymnast, who also does some modeling. Sounds like an all-around hottie.

Chantal O'Brien, 28, of Mercer Island, WA, is the slapper. She's also the daughter of Mike O’Brien, former Seattle Seahawk and owner of the O’Brien Auto Group chain in the Pacific Northwest. Sounds like money! She's divorced, having been married from 2005 to 2009.

Emily Maynard, 24, of Charlotte, North Carolina, is our potential superstar. The father of her 5-year-old daughter, Rickie, was Ricky Hendrick, the NASCAR driver who died in a plane crash in 2004. Five days after he died, she found out she was pregnant with his child. She’s also dated Dale Earnhardt Jr., so it's not like she needs this show to find high-profile men.

Jackie Gordon, 27 or 28, from Rhode Island, now working with special needs kids on the Upper West Side. She also has an art site, Jackie's Art Website.

Keltie Colleen, from Alberta, Canada, and now living in L.A. She's a dancer/choreographer and former Rockette who has appeared in various music videos for her dancing. Keltie's Website.

Kim Coon, 25, is another one from Charlotte, North Carolina. She was a Carolina Panthers cheerleader in 2009. (One of Brad's jilted finalists from his first season, Jenni Croft, was also a cheerleader when she went on The Bachelor.) Kim got her undergraduate degree from the University of Miami and her masters at the University of Alabama.

Lindsay Hill, 25, of Frisco, Texas. Here's the one who was a first grade teacher at Allen Elementary school in Frisco but quit to do the show a month into her first teaching job. That's worse than Ali quitting Facebook after only a few months to go on The Bachelor!

Lisa Morrisey,
24, of Kansas City is a former track star at the University of Kansas.

Madison Garton lives in New York City and is part of the New York Underground Vampire Club. Awesome! Perfect match for Brad!

Marissa May, 26, graduated from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2007. (Is North Carolina the new Texas?) She works for SUN Sports/FOX Sports Florida as a Production Assistant.

Meghan Merritt, 30, is a former marketing manager for Dolce & Gabbana who quit her job to do the show. Wonder if other Bachelor fashionistas like Natalie Getz and Jillian Harris would love to scoop up that job...

Melissa Schreiber
, 31, a waitress in Boca Raton, Fla., is the oldest woman on the show. That's right. Oldest at 31. Brad is 37. Even Chris Lambton is 33 or 34 at this point, so why 31 had to be the oldest is a mystery. Way to be, ABC!

Michelle Money
, 30, of Salt Lake City, Utah works as a stylist at a salon but has also worked in acting and modeling. She’s divorced and has a 5-year-old daughter, Brielle, which is a pretty name.

Raichel Goodyear of Orange County, California is the cosmetologist who waxes Brad’s arms just because she can.

Sarah Powell is a Realtor (like DeAnna Pappas when she went on The Bachelor), but other than being the girl Brad gets down on his knees for out of the limo, Steve doesn't have much on her.

Shawntel Newton
, 24, of Chico, California is a mortician. Awesome! A vampire chick and a Six Feet Under girl. Shawntel works as an embalmer and funeral director at their family owned funeral parlor. Apparently she wrote an e-mail to Ellen DeGeneres trying to get on her show. You can check that out on Steve's site.

Stacey Queripel
, is a bartender at Splash Lounge and Burger Bar in Boston. She has a degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology and is also a print model. Beware all the actress/model types, since it couldn't be more obvious they are in this for more industry exposure. Not that they all aren't after their 15 minutes, but some of them are probably going to be more obvious about it than others. (Paging Justin "Rated-R" Rego!)

Source: Reality Steve

12.9.2010 / 03:39 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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