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The Bachelor

Recap of Brad Womack’s First Season as The Bachelor

We all know how Brad Womack's first Bachelor experience ended. But do you recall anything else? Here's a quick recap of Brad's Season 11, which was filmed way back in 2007. To be fair, any analysis of why Brad couldn't commit to anyone has to begin with the shortness of the season. Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky had 10 episodes to decide she wanted to marry Roberto Martinez (even though she knew it after the first night). Brad — and most of the other failing Bachelors — had to pick his final four by Week 6, with a winner on Week 8. When every date counts, that's a lot of opportunities lost. Anyway, here's a brief breakdown of each week:

Week 1

Brad meets his 25 ladies and has to dump 10 by the end of the night. But before letting women go, he has to dole out a first impression rose. Who gets it? That'd be 27-year-old Phoenix Suns cheerleader — and future finale dumpee — Jenni Croft! Here's who gets the boot: 27-year-old news anchor, Jessica; 24-year-old law student, Juli; 31-year-old realtor, Kim; 33-year-old teacher, Lori; 28-year-old event planner, Melissa; 24-year-old graduate student, Morgan; 25-year-old law student, Natalie; 31-year-old account representative, Rigina; 35-year-old project analyst, Susan; and 31-year old emergency room nurse, Tauni.

Special: The Women Tell All

It's a shame The Women Tell All special has to air before the finale. Man, these ladies would've had a lot to say about the outcome! Instead, they debate whether Brad will choose Jenni or DeAnna. Fools!

Week 8

Brad takes the ladies home to Texas to meet his family. Then he has to pick either Jenni or DeAnna. Unless he doesn't! In the end, Brad chooses to go home with himself. And then THE WORLD ENDS.

Special: "After the Final Rose"

Brad faces DeAnna and Jenni after rejecting them both. He then goes on to be called a "jerk" by Ellen DeGeneres and follows with three years of therapy. Now he's back!

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Week 5

There are six ladies still around and this week no roses will be handed out. The one-on-one dates are to Venice, California, and a candlelit mansion. The group date is a pool party. Brad has to dump two more women, getting him down to his final four already. He let go of Hillary and Kristy, leaving DeAnna, Jenni, Bettina, and 23-year-old Internet marketing executive Sheena Stewart.

Week 6

Hometown visits! Brad meets the families of the final four: Jenni, of Wichita, Kansas; DeAnna, of Newnan, Georgia; Bettina, of Washington, D.C.; and Sheena of Walnut Creek, California. It was Sheena's turn to be sent home this week.

Week 7

Brad takes his final three to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico so they can enjoy dates in the "fantasy suite." Then Bettina gets dumped. So we hope she didn't, uh, take it too far in the fantasy suite. At this point it's down to Jenni or DeAnna.

Week 2

The group dates begin this week and seven women head to the racetrack while the other eight hang out with Brad in Malibu. At the end of the night, Brad dumps 25-year-old publishing executive, Erin; 24-year-old nanny, Mallory; and 30-year-old realtor, Michele. He also hands out two date roses: One to 23-year-old bar manager, Sarah; and the other to future finale dumpee — and future Bachelorette — 25-year-old Realtor, DeAnna Pappas.

Week 3

Don't forget: Brad is a twin. His identical twin bro Chad came for a visit this week to surprise the ladies. Brad keeps nine of the women around, giving group date roses to 26-year-old executive assistant, Stephy, and 19-year-old acupuncturist, Kristy Katzmann; and his first one-on-one date rose to 27-year-old registered nurse, Hillary Reisinger. He also dumped 25-year-old model, Lindsay; 25-year-old esthetician, Solisa Shoop; and Sarah, who got a rose on the last date. Fickle much?

Week 4

The dreaded two-on-one date! Always good for some awkward rejection. This time 24-year-old sales assistant Jade Beazley was the victim and DeAnna managed to survive. Meanwhile, Jenni got her first one-on-one date rose and future third place contestant, 27-year-old Realtor Bettina Bell, got the rose on the group date. Brad also dumped 26-year-old account manager, McCarten Delaney, and Stephy who, yes, got a date last week. It's like the kiss of death with this guy!

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