Wetpaint Exclusive! Michael Trevino Talks Tamales and Tangoing with Damon
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The Vampire Diaries

Wetpaint Exclusive! Michael Trevino Talks Tamales and Tangoing with Damon

WP: Before the whole wolf thing, Tyler didn’t really rank on the Salvatore radar. But now he’s Damon’s enemy. What’s going to happen with that?
MT: I think with the information that they’re finding about how one werewolf bite can kill a vampire it is going to cause trouble. Damon’s not going to want any werewolves just casually roaming Mystic Falls. I think that he’s going to have a problem with that. He’s going to want to address it. How far and deep he goes into it, I don’t know. But he’s going to have to do something about it. And then maybe he’ll have to deal with what part Stefan has in getting involved in this new werewolf lineage thing in Mystic Falls.

WP: So you’re not going to tango with Damon any time soon?
MT: Me personally, I don’t want to mingle with Damon at this moment.

WP: Because people who mingle with Damon die?
MT: Yeah. And I just don’t want to. I mean, Tyler’s going to be powerful. But there’s no need. Let’s just stay away from the Salvatore brothers and the Salvatore house right now. They can go do their vampire thing and I’ll go do my werewolf thing.

Wetpaint Exclusive! Michael Trevino Talks Tamales and Tangoing with Damon
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WP: Let’s back things up a little: How has your life changed since you landed the Vampire Diaries role?
MT: I had to move to Atlanta, Georgia. So now I live in a different state. I’m born and raised n Los Angeles. I’ve never really had to live anywhere else so to have to relocate was different. But it was good. ‘Cause I’m meeting new people and taking in a different environment being down in the south.

WP: Have you upgraded your car or your house?
MT: None of that. Nothing has really changed. I have the same Volkswagen Jetta as before. But I am able to give out nicer Christmas gifts to my family.

WP: What are your holiday plans?
MT: I go visit my grandparents up north in Central California. My dad’s side of the family. I go visit them every year. My grandma makes so much food and I just pig out with family and have a good time. We have a bunch of drinks and go to the movies.

WP: What’s your favorite thing that your grandmother makes?
MT: Tamales! She does it for thanksgiving and Christmas so I get a double dose. Hers are really really good. They’re smaller, handmade ones so I eat like 12. Seriously. I can put down a lot.

Wetpaint Exclusive! Michael Trevino Talks Tamales and Tangoing with Damon
Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW ©2010 The CW Network    

WP: Sounds delicious. At the beginning of the season you said in interviews that you wanted to have more scenes with Caroline and Bonnie. Did you know what was coming up then or where you just talking smack?
MT: I can’t even remember when I said that. But, [knowing me] I might have said it and I might have got something out of my producers over the hiatus. A little birdie might have mentioned something so I was kind of leaning towards it.

WP: How many times have you died on camera?
MT: I died on Cold Case. I got shot in the chest with a shotgun right in the middle of a mall. It was bad.

WP: Did you go out flailing?
MT: Nah. I got shot in the chest and I fell out of this chair that I was sitting in. But that wasn’t even me. It was a stunt double. When the character took the shotgun round he flipped the chair back. So I didn’t really have to do much.

Wetpaint Exclusive! Michael Trevino Talks Tamales and Tangoing with Damon
Credit: Saye/Seventeen    

WP: What would we be surprised to find if we were to scroll through all two hundred and something of the things you follow on twitter? Dancing with Stars? My Little Pony?
MT: Whoa-whoa-whoa. [laughs] No. There’s nothing crazy in there. You’ll find stuff like ATL Roadblocks because I’m in Atlanta. People tweet where the roadblocks are for DUI checkpoints so I’m looking at those. ‘Cause nobody wants to get pulled over now. But other than that… nothing.

WP: You’ve tweeted that driving in the rain listening to The Doors makes you happy. For our Inside the Actor’s Studio question: What else makes you happy?
MT: Being with my family during the holidays. Honestly. No jokes. This isn’t cheesy. I mean, I love normally love Thanksgiving and Christmas because I do eat a lot and I have drinks with my family. But especially this year because I’ve been in Atlanta and I haven’t seen my grandparents as much as I usually do.

WP: What shows are you watching when you’re not working?
MT: Eastbound and Down, Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Anarchy, Modern Family, Glee, my show, and Man Versus Food.

WP: Wow you answered that quick. Did you just list the top 10 things on your DVR?
MT: Actually yeah. My mental image was my DVR and I was going through it. That’s what I watch.

WP: We’re big into social media. Are you? Besides Twitter are you on other sites?
MT: No. I’m not on Facebook. I think Twitter is enough.

WP: And that’s actually you tweeting? Some people hire professional tweeters.
MT: No that’s all me.

When we sat down with Michael Trevino (Tyler) to discuss his upcoming werewolf transformation, we got way more than the nitty gritty deets on how he prepared for his role. Michael was kind enough to chat us up about much, much more — from how Tyler’s relationship with Damon will change post-transformation to some scoopalicious facts about his personal life! Read on to find out what’s on Michael’s DVR, how his life has changed since joining the cast of TVD, and what he has planned for the upcoming holidays.

Wetpaint Exclusive! Michael Trevino Talks Tamales and Tangoing with Damon
Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW ©2010 The CW Network    

Wetpaint: What’s in store for Ty and Caroline?
Michael Trevino: They are friends. They’re bonding and hanging out because they both have something they bring to the table. They both have this supernatural element that they can’t go around and tell all their other friends in Mystic Falls. So they develop this friendship that’s almost like a sidekick situation. Which is odd because we’re talking about a vampire and werewolf. Two totally different worlds.

WP: Please — Tyler’s a bit of a horn dog. How can they be just friends?
MT: That too. [laughs] On set I was talking with one of my producers about how Tyler has this hat trick. He went after Vicki Donovan, Matt’s sister. And then he goes and kisses Matt’s mother. Now he’s “friends” with Matt’s ex girlfriend. It’s a little weird. So Tyler I guess does get around.

WP: About Matt! Maybe a better question would be is there friendship in the future for Ty and Matt.
MT: I believe so. I mean, Tyler doesn’t know that he was compelled. But after what happened at the party you would think that they would apologize. Tyler has definitely messed up on that but Matt has apologized for it. So I think that the roles are reversed this time. I think they will be fine.

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