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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Get the Scoop on Kyle and Kim’s Beauty Secrets

Last week’s ep, though certainly devoid of Camille Grammer drama, was not exactly without its crazy moments. We were mildly terrified when Kim and Kyle went to get facials together. We love facials, but watching the sisters get this facial made us think of a scene from Saw or Silence of the Lambs — not a relaxing day at the spa. It was unlike anything we’d ever seen before!

Turns out, the facial is legit. Or at least, the salon they visited, Carina Skin Care, has a Web site (that Kim posted on her Bravo blog.) That’s always a good sign, right?

So what’s the scary mask all about? The entire treatment takes 70 minutes and, to quote the website, “uses galvanic microcurrent which introduces a water-soluble solution into the dermal layer of the skin by a process called ‘iontophoresis.’” The site says the only way we can “truly penetrate” the skin is by using electricity (and applying electrical wires right to the face is probably dangerous, hence the mask!) The microcurrent is supposed to help firm the skin, stimulate cell production and encourage new cells to grow. Then, following the torture session, Carina skin cares recommends microdermabrasion to enhance results. (If you’re still alive, that is.)

We’re all for looking good, but this might be one beauty trend we skip out on. We’ll stick with Noxzema.

What do you ladies think? Would you ever get an electrical facial?

Source: Bravo, Carina Skin care