Recap of The Vampire Diaries, Season 2, Episode 11: “By the Light of the Moon”
Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW ©2010 The CW Network    
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The Vampire Diaries

Recap of The Vampire Diaries, Season 2, Episode 11: “By the Light of the Moon”

4. Caroline puts the “best” in BFF.
We’ve got to give it to her: Blondie held her own through it all. Even though she was obviously scared to death of what Tyler was becoming and what he could do to her, the vampire stuck by the werewolf’s side, literally rubbing his back and trying to hug his pain away. Sure, she ran away once. But that was only because he broke a chain and lunged at her. And it’s not like she stayed gone. She came back. That’s a true friend!

3. Stefan is free at last.
Apparently, that “one thing” Elena asked Elijah for was to get Stefan out of the tomb. Being a dead man of his word, the O.V. somehow managed to get the spell lifted so Stefan could bid Katherine and her mind games bye-bye. Technically speaking, Kat was free to go too. But she didn’t know it because Elijah compelled her to stay inside “until I say so.” Dang! Can we like and hate him at the same time?

2. Tyler doesn’t kill anyone.
Wolf Tyler breaks a few chains and puts a serious hurting on the door. But he doesn’t dine on any of his neighbors. We can’t say the same for Jules.

1. But the she wolf almost does — sort of.
She warned Damon that he was marked. And the werewolf named Jules was not playing. True to her word, her four-legged alter ego showed up at the Salvatore house a few seconds after Rose did and — bam! — it was like when wolves attack. There was growling and lunging and Rose got bit in the process. Technically Rose is already dead. So we can’t say Jules killed Rose. At least not yet. We’ll have to tune in next year to find out what happens with that nasty rash. January 27 to be exact. (And no, we can’t believe we have to wait that long either.)
Recap of The Vampire Diaries, Season 2, Episode 11: “By the Light of the Moon”
Credit: Annette Brown/The CW ©2010 The CW Network    

We can’t stand to see a grown man cry. And we saw a lot of that in tonight’s Vampire Diaries. Yes, after much ado we finally got to see the much-anticipated episode featuring Tyler Lockwood’s werewolf transformation. And what do we think? We’ll just say this: We’ll never look at werewolves the same way again. Here are 10 things you need to know about last night’s episode, “By the Light of the Moon.”

10. The gang puts Elena on house arrest.
Elena stole the moonstone out of Bonnie’s purse and tried to run off with it to turn herself in to Klaus. But she couldn’t because her best bud the witch had put a spell on the house to lock her in. “We tested you and you failed,” Bonnie said when she caught her red handed. And you know what they say: Commit the crime and you better be prepared to do the time. Damon loved the irony of it all. “It’s for the best, trust me,” he told Stefan. “Elena’s on a martyr tear that rivals your greatest hits.” True. True.

9. Sheriff declares Mason “missing.”

Jules, a woman claiming to be Mason’s friend, set off alarms when she showed up on the Lockwoods’ doorstep looking for him. “She’s sure got everyone in a tizzy,” Alaric told Damon. And by “everyone” he meant Ty’s mother, who called Caroline’s mom, who then officially tagged Uncle Mason as M.I.A. Not that we’re surprised. Sooner or later someone was bound to notice that hunk of hotness had dropped off the map. It was inevitable. Our big question though is when are the folk of Mystic Falls going to start worrying that their head count for the murdered, suspiciously-dead, or missing people is crazy high for a town that size? Seriously people. It’s not normal.

8. Bonnie gets played.
And the crazy thing is: She doesn’t even seem to know it yet. Even crazier: We don’t feel sorry for her. Bon-Bon should have suspected something was up when Luka not only forgave her for almost killing him, he also took her into a room full of grimoires and agreed to help her “break the bind between a talisman and a spell” — with no questions asked. If that’s not a triple-red flag we don’t know what is. Flash forward a few hours and they were standing in a circle of candles, holding hands and chanting. The moonstone rose in the air, setting off sparkling fireworks. Bonnie smiled, happy the spell was broken. And we couldn’t help but think: Must be nice to be so naïve. The magic miss never suspected the wizard had pulled a classic look-at-the-birdie bait and switch on her, palming the stone instead of destroying it.

Recap of The Vampire Diaries, Season 2, Episode 11: “By the Light of the Moon”
Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW ©2010 The CW Network    
7. Damon gets schooled.
There’s a new bitch in town. Literally. Turns out Mason’s so-called friend Jules is a she-wolf. And she’s something fierce. When Alaric and Damon tried to sniff out her Were status by lacing her drink with wolf’s bane (or whatever it’s called) at The Grill, Jules let them think they were slick. For a minute. But then she got tired of the pretty boy Salvatore pretending to be human and wasting her time. “I sniffed you out the moment you entered this bar,” she said. But what got us was the way she politely owned Damon when he told her to leave town. “Are you threatening me on a full moon? How stupid are you?” she said. Later she added, “Tonight is not the night to pick a fight with me…. You’ve been marked.” We like that. “You’ve been marked.” Tomorrow we’re going to try to work it into casual conversation.

6. Elena grows an even bigger pair.
Speaking of ballsy babes: Elena showed her cojones again tonight too. Minutes after hearing the three scariest words ever spoken in her living room — “Hi, I’m Elijah” — the teen was brokering a deal with the eons-old original vamp. Supposedly, Elijah doesn’t want to turn Elena over to Klaus — he just wants to use her to flush the even bigger baddie out so he can kill him. In exchange for her cooperation, Elijah offered to protect her family and friends from all the bloodsuckers that are sure to crawl out of the woodwork once word of her doppelganger status hits the vampire streets. Rather than shake all gratefully, Elena upped the ante. “I need you to do one more thing for me,” she said. “We’re negotiating now?” Elijah asked. The mass murderer was pleasantly surprised. And so were we. That girl’s something else!

5. Tyler goes through the change.
We all knew his transformation was coming. And thanks to our exclusive interview with Michael Trevino, we knew it would not be cute. But we didn’t expect it to be so gut-wrenchingly sad. Dude spent the whole night chained up in the old Lockwood mansion dungeon, bawling and retching in pain while his bones slowly broke and morphed section by section. “I’m burning up! It hurts!” he sobbed. Once we got over how good Tyler looked shirtless, we felt really, really bad for him. (Kudos to M.T. on an acting job!)

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