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Castle Star Seamus Dever Loves the L.A. Subway

It’s been a month since Stana Katic (Beckett) and Seamus Dever (Detective Kevin Ryan) introduced us to a little something called "The Alternative Travel Project" — a Sierra Club initiative that encourages people to find other means of travel (besides hopping in their gas-guzzling SUVs).

The two Castle actors decided to participate by vowing to take an alternate form of transit one day per week, be it bus, train or helicopter (kidding, obvi). And although the duo admitted early on that it was definitely a challenge, Dever has now publicly come out with his love for the L.A. public transit system, particularly — gasp! — the subway. He also says he has also been quite a fan of biking everywhere he can, regardless of L.A.’s lack of bike lanes.

Alright, so if he’s so in love, what’s stopping Dever from giving up his car completely? The long hours on the Castle set, he says. “My wife prefers me not to bike at home at 3 in the morning — although I don’t mind. I’m kind of tired at that time, when it gets really late,” he says. “I’m not really worried about people drinking and driving and hitting me on my bike. But at the request of my wife, I drive those days of the week.” Aww!

But Dever does admit it isn’t always safe to be out on a bike in certain parts of the city. Dever was actually hit by a driver this past summer, and has since learned not to take biking lightly. “You have to be ultra alert. It’s not one of those things like you’re in your car and you can sort of zone out and make your way,” he says. “You have to watch the road underneath you and you have to be probably twice as resourceful of a driver than the people driving cars when you’re on your bike.”

As far as the other cast members, Dever says he’s still working on them (particularly Nathan Fillion, who lives in The Valley on the outskirts of the city — making public transit quite the hassle). Regardless, he’s still an advocate. “A lot of people aren’t aware that you can do a combination of things. It doesn’t have to be just bus, or just subway, or just biking. I think that’s why people’s perceptions are, ‘Oh, it’s too difficult, I have to transfer five spots.’ But all it requires is a little more planning,” he says.

A little more planning to save a lot more gas? We think that’s quite the noble gesture!


12.13.2010 / 09:54 PM EDT by Erica Strauss
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