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Grey's Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo Admits Crush On Elmo

We knew it! Who could spend an entire episode of Sesame Street with the cuddly little guy without falling for him? In her guest appearance, Ellen Pompeo spends the day on Sesame Street teaching the 3-and-a-half-year-old muppet abut being healthy. "She knows a lot about being healthy," says Elmo (AKA actor Kevin Clash in character). "We brush our teeth, she eats an apple, and she jogs...with pumps on. It was cool!"

And how did Ellen like hanging out with Elmo? "He's very charming. I have to admit I kind of have a crush on Elmo."

Pompeo couldn't bring her daughter, Stella Luna, to the taping for a sure-to-be adorable meet and greet, because she was only 6-months-old when Pompeo shot the guest spot. But, Ellen fully plans to show off her new BFF now that Stella's a little older. "She loves Elmo so much...I'm super excited to get to see how it registers when she sees me with Elmo," says Pompeo of watching the episode with her daughter.

Would Elmo ever return the favor and do a Grey's guest spot? "Elmo hopes so. Elmo would love to see Miss Ellen again," he gushed excitedly.

We're pretty sure he can be worked in. If they can do a musical episode...

Source: TV Guide

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