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Jane Lynch on Glee’s Super Bowl Extravaganza, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Return

New Golden Globe nominee Jane Lynch is always a classy one — on the Ed O'Neill controversy: "I'm glad it's over" — but that doesn't mean she can't bust a move like Michael Jackson. Wait, what?

"Of course!" Jane says to E! "I do the best Michael Jackson in the cast, and I'm the best dancer." Oh, Jane, you kidder! "I'm not going to be in 'Thriller.' That's for the people who are entitled for that kind of thing."

Lynch is talking about the Glee Super Bowl episode, which promises to be massive. "It's a huge extravaganza and it's off the wall and for those fans who will be watching our show for the first time, they're going to get a lot."

Fans new and old are also going to get some more Gwyneth Paltrow this season, just not at the Big Game; Gwen is set for a spring return. "I thought she did such a great job in that episode," Jane said. "We worked her so hard and she sang and danced and she was in like 150 numbers and I thought, we'll never see her again. But she's coming back, she wants more. She's wonderful and I hope we get more scenes together. Sue and Gwyneth's character [Holly Holliday] definitely have different approaches at getting the students to respect them, but I think deep down Sue wants the same thing — she wants the kids to love her. She even said that to Will, she said 'Your kids love you, I don't have that. They fear me.' And I guess it's her own fault."

Jane says people have glommed onto Sue because she's mean without being too mean. "She says everything people wish they can say but don't because of social norms. Also, she's not like Hannibal Lecter, she's not dangerous. She's a pretty benign villain and she's a lot of bark and no bite."

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12.15.2010 / 10:37 PM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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