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Grey's Anatomy

Shonda Rhimes “Thrilled” With This Season

As the year draws to a close, and Grey's Anatomy hits its mid-season hiatus on the most critically acclaimed season in years, series creator Shonda Rhimes reveals that she's pleased with the way the Season 6 shooting played out and how it affected the series and its characters.

"I'm thrilled with how it's gone," says Rhimes. "It did exactly what I was hoping it would do, which was to take the characters back to square one. It's really opened things up and allowed us to take some characters in new directions. A lot of them have pushed forward this season in a way that's been really wonderful."

Leave it to a deranged shooter to breathe some life into a medical drama that had resorted to operating on deer.

As for the Johns Hopkins shooting that bizarrely occurred the same night ABC had scheduled to air the shooting episode rerun? "I thought they did the responsible thing," Rhimes says of the network allowing affiliates to air a different episode if they so chose. "I wrote those episodes, and I had a lot of concern about having them out there...that they might confuse people, or hurt someone, or whatever. Mostly, what I wanted to do was to present the best anti-violence message I could come up with."

Eerie similarities aside, the Baltimore area ABC affiliate chose to air the episode anyway, with a disclaimer announcing that, due to the sensitivity of recent events, viewer discretion was advised.

So everything is running really smoothly and all, but, we're still wondering one thing — where is Meredith this season? You know, the Grey of Grey's Anatomy?

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