Battle of the Beverly Hills Housewives: Lisa Vanderpump vs. Kim Richards
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Battle of the Beverly Hills Housewives: Lisa Vanderpump vs. Kim Richards

Saying that the Beverly Hills Housewives are on the verge of a smackdown at any given moment is like saying that waffles are delicious — in other words, no one is going to disagree with you. Each week, we pick the two people who really had it out for each other, and then we predict how far the feud will go this season.

Here’s our pick for Episode 1.8, “Charity Cases.” Things could get ugly!

The Contenders: Lisa and Kim

Intensity of Their Battle So Far: 6 (out of 10)

This week, we saw tension between these two for pretty much the first time ever. Lisa let Kim know that she wasn’t happy with her behavior with Martin, while a seemingly drunken Kim referred to Lisa as “bossy.” Then again, did you really think that Lisa would be keeping her opinions to herself?

Chance of an Epic Showdown: 2 (out of 10)

Not likely. As we’ve seen in her confrontations with Taylor, Kim doesn’t necessarily seek out a fight, but she’s not afraid to defend herself either. But Lisa seems to stay above the messy fights that some of the other women cultivate. Lisa prefers to stay in control by relying on her wit (not to mention her cleavage).

Who Would Win: Kim

Kim is just desperate enough to win a fight between these two. She also appears to enjoy the sauce, so we just hope she isn’t too hammered if she and Lisa were to ever go at it. Then again, if Keith Richards (no relation, we’re assuming) can manage to put out lots of hit records while being drunk for the better part of five decades, then surely Kim Richards can hold her liquor occasionally, too.