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Get to Know NCIS Special Agent Abby Scuito


Defining Quote: Just remember, McGee, I am one of the only people, in the world, who can kill you and leave no forensic evidence.

Occupation: NCIS forensics specialist, lab rat

Signature Look: Abby rocks her own special version of Goth which includes tattoos, short skirts, tight pants, platform boots, and anything red or black.

Endearing Traits: Abby adores gore, plays music very loudly, is hyper-loyal and loving to her friends, talks to her equipment, and occasionally bowls with nuns.

Annoying Traits: Abby sometimes gets wrapped up in forensic lingo, which can be frustrating and obfuscating to her colleagues.

Though Abby only infrequently shares details about her past, we know that she can communicate via sign language because her parents were deaf. Even though she is rarely seen without Caf-Pow!, a caffeine-infused soda, Abby’s NCIS colleagues would say that she is naturally upbeat. Wicked-smart in the lab, Abby is often her own worst critic. She is an affectionate person, regularly dispensing hugs, and is very special to Gibbs, who not only has an unfailing faith in her professional judgment, but harbors an almost fatherly love for her. Abby’s quirky and loving nature and forensics brilliance keep her team closely knit and highly effective.

NCIS Season 3, Episode 21: “Bloodbath”: The famous Abby-gets-stalked episode, in which the team discovers their forensic specialist's life really isn't all sunshine, Caf-Pows, and studded collars. It is business as usual in the NCIS forensic lab until evidence poisoned with cyanide almost kills Abby. We find out Abby’s been harboring a secret — she’s being stalked by her creep of an ex-boyfriend, who just so happens to clean up crime scenes.

NCIS Season 3, Episode 6: “Witch Hunt”: Abby Scuito looks stunning dressed up as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween.

NCIS Season 5, Episode 18: “Dog Tags”: Abby's harboring a killer! No worries, though, this is no trigger-happy nutcase — it's Jethro, a German Shepherd accused of murder and sentenced to death. Abby takes it upon herself to clear his name. A highlight of the episode comes when Abs protects Jethro by locking herself and the dog in the lab with a supply of Caf-Pow! and kibble.

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