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Spoiler: Booth Confronts a Sniper, Gets Closer to Bones

Brennan just realized her mistake in not giving Booth a chance, and Booth is now with Hannah but has kept all these secrets from her. We're dying here, Bones producers! Will our favorite forensic anthropologist and FBI agent ever get together?

Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan has given us a clue as to what might happen. "The Doctor in the Photo" might have been about Brennan and her emotions, but the tables will turn with the episode following Bones' January 20 midseason return — "The Bullet in the Brain," which airs January 27. Nathan dished to TV Guide, "Booth is forced to confront the life that he led [as a sniper in the Army] when he sees a guy who's perverted the profession." Cuz you know, there is honor among snipers. Booth will not only look at his own past, he'll have a devil of a time reining in this sniper, Jacob Ripkin Broadsky (played by Arnold Vosloo).

This storyline will continue for three episodes, so you know Booth will need some understanding and support. And just who do you think he's going to get that from? Will Booth begin to open up more with Hannah, or will he go to his buddy Brennan? Nathan revealed, "Whatever his relationship with Hannah, Brennan is always the closest person in his life."

What's even juicier is that the sniper will do more than possibly take out a recurring character on the show; he will "affect Booth and Brennan in a very profound way," according to Nathan.

Adding to the hotness of the episode (besides Vosloo, who sizzled in The Mummy) are Matthew John Armstrong and Adrian Quinonez, who play William Preston and an FBI Agent. If the Brennan/Booth storyline doesn't make viewers' heads explode, the insane level of hunks just might.

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12.16.2010 / 04:40 AM EDT by Cherie Burbach
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