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The Bachelor

Vienna Girardi Is Broke, Job Hunting on Craigslist

Don't be surprised if you go into a job interview and it comes down to you and Vienna Girardi. Jake Pavelka's former beloved from The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love is having trouble finding a job. "I'm on Craigslist everyday looking at ads — that’s what it’s come down to," Vienna tells Star Magazine in the December 20 issue.

Six months after her very public breakup with Season 14 Bachelor Jake Pavelka, Vienna says she's one more late utility payment away from losing her Los Angeles condo and heading back to her parents' basement in Florida. (Tip: So go. It's not like Florida is that bad.) "I can't just apply for a job and think I'll be treated normally," Vienna tells Star. "People think you're a villain if ABC makes you out to be one."

But even a villain is a star and Vienna's interviews have become more like photo ops. Vienna says she interviewed for a front desk position at a spa in L.A. and everything seemed to be going well until "the girl who interviewed me brought the boss over to pose in a photo with me. It was just so uncomfortable." Welcome to reality TV! Since you're already "famous," maybe it's time to go ahead and say yes to Playboy...

12.16.2010 / 12:54 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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