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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bones’ Emily Deschanel

6. She really is best friends with Angela.
Emily is real-life besties with Michaela Conlin, who plays artist Angela Montenegro on Bones. She is also friends with actresses Melanie Lynskey (Rose on Two and a Half Men) and Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle on CSI).

7. She'll be starring in The Perfect Family, set for release in 2012.
Emily will star alongside Kathleen Turner, Richard Chamberlain, and Jason Ritter in The Perfect Family, which began filming in May 2010. In the movie, Emily plays Shannon Cleary, the pregnant lesbian daughter of a Catholic mother. We're thinking this role will showcase Emily's range as an actress. Maybe.

8. She made her movie debut 16 years ago.
Emily's first movie role was in the 1994 movie It Could Happen to You, a comedy about a police officer who wins the lottery and promises half of it to a waitress. Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda starred; Emily played a "paint-throwing activist."

9. She's a size 8.
Emily is very confident when it comes to her body, but she admits that it can be difficult to be normally sized when everyone in Hollywood is so abnormally skinny. Still, she is happy to talk openly about being fine with her size.

10. She's messy.
While talking about Bones' Season 5 finale, which was about a hoarder who gets buried alive in his "stuff," Emily admitted on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that she has a problem with messiness. Fortunately, she doesn't believe she's reached the hoarding stage...

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You probably know a few things about Emily Deschanel, like the fact that her sister, Zooey, is also an actress. But did you know that she loves a certain comic book character, is about to star in a new movie, and is best friends with one of her Bones co-stars? No? Well read on!

1. She's a newlywed.
Emily married actor/writer David Hornsby (cousin of singer Bruce Hornsby) in September 2010. According to People, it was a "quiet evening ceremony," and yes, David Boreanaz was there to cheer her on. Emily, like her fictional counterpart, wore beautiful drop earrings for the ceremony. Unlike Bones's staple jewelry, Emily's were 10-carat diamonds.

2. Emily loves her some Wonder Woman.
Brennan wore a Wonder Woman outfit in a Season 3 episode, and if given the chance Emily would dress as the superhero again in a heartbeat. She loved Wonder Woman growing up, and the fact that she's a fan is no secret. Her sister even gave her a book about her fave female with superpowers!

3. She's a vegan.
Emily's family believes in healthy eating, so as a kid she never ate McDonald's... or ate sugar cereal. But her parents allowed her to loosen up when the babysitter came: On those nights, she could have Kraft macaroni and cheese. (Just like Zack Addy!) Today, the animal rights-obsessed star eschews both meat and dairy.

4. Her entire family (including the in-laws) is involved in performing.
It's no wonder that Emily is a successful actress and producer. Her parents are Mary Jo Deschanel, an actress who has enjoyed roles in House, Twin Peaks, and Law & Order, and Caleb Deschanel, an Oscar-nominated cinematographer. Her younger sister Zooey is also an actress (she guested in Season 5 of Bones as Margaret Whitesell), and Zooey's husband, Benjamin Gibbard, is the lead singer for the indie bands Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service. Emily's husband, David Hornsby, has appeared in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

5. She is a huge Cindy Lauper fan.
Emily admits that as a young girl she loved Cindy Lauper — and still does! Lucky for Emily, Lauper is a fan of Bones, so she volunteered to guest star on the show. She played psychic Avalon Harmonia in Season 5. In the video below, Emily talks about Cindy and the horror of having to sing one of her songs (knowing she would hear it).

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