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Bones’ Micah Leggat: Real or Imagined?

In the last episode of the Bones ("The Doctor in the Photo") we got to meet a new character, Micah Leggat, a security guard at the Jeffersonian. The only problem? He may or may not be real. Bones writer Carla Kettner, who penned the script, said she wanted Brennan to look at her life throughout the episode until she reached the point where she could tell Booth she made a mistake. Mission accomplished!

Part of what makes the episode great is the character of Micah, who appears only to Brennan when she's working late at night and when she is in desperate need of sleep. Micah makes Brennan laugh, which is lovely to see, gives her cookies, and helps her keep it together. At one point she tells Micah she is actually having a conversation with the dead victim, and he tells her people hear voices when they are stressed — but that she should probably keep that fact to herself. Sage advice.

Later, when Brennan tells Booth about Micah, he has never heard of him. On one hand, it seems pretty obvious that Micah is a figment of Brennan's imagination, but on the other, we hope he’s real so that he can return. After all, he manages to get Brennan to feel, which is no easy task!

In an interview with, Kettner acknowledged the vague nature of the character, saying, "There is an internal debate about whether Micah is real or not. I know how I feel about it, but others disagree. So…"

She wouldn't say whether she herself thought he was real, but she did say that Enrico Colantoni was really "fantastic" as Micah. We agree: He played it perfectly, without being condescending or overly sympathetic.

We've loved Colantoni since his days as Elliot DiMauro on the hit comedy Just Shoot Me. He starred on the series from 1997 to 2003, and then got lucky with another popular series, Veronica Mars. He immediately followed that up with Flashpoint in 2008. Hopefully he's not too busy to make another appearance on Bones, because we’d like Booth to meet Micah, too.

Sources: Give Me My Remote, IMDb

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