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Top 3 Booth and Bones Moments from Season 6, Episode 9, “The Doctor in the Photo”

If you're a Bones fan, you're probably starting to finally recover from this cry-fest episode. It was sad, sweet, and maybe a relief the Bones finally 'fessed her feelings for Booth. What will happen with Booth and Bones next? Hard to say, but one thing is for certain: there were a lot of touching moments between this almost-couple.

3. Booth and his meddling ways.
After Bones has a weepy and emotional breakdown over the murder victim, the concerned Booth sends Sweets over to talk to her. When Brennan confronts him later by asking "Why must you meddle?" he says that he's a "meddlesome kind of guy." Like the good friend he is, Bones' anger doesn't faze him because he knows she needed someone besides himself to tell Brennan she was making this case a little too personal.

2. It's Booth to the rescue!
We held our breath when Brennan went alone to follow the (final) footsteps that the doctor must have taken before she died. It is dark, rainy, and our gal Tempe has not been herself. We just knew she was going to do something stupid. And she does! Just as Brennan bends over to examine a road reflector, a car comes careening from around the corner! But as soon as we let out a gasp here comes Booth, out of the dark (out of nowhere really) and he pulls her from the passing car. Just in a nick of time, he saves her life. Why was he there? Because he was following her. He knew that she needed saving, even before she knew it.

3. Timing is everything.
After Booth saves Brennan and takes her home, they are in his car and she starts spilling her guts. The dead doctor had regrets, Temperance doesn't want regrets…she is so close to saying it, to telling him that she made a mistake and yet when she finally does, all he can say is "I'm with somebody now." Booth tells her he doesn't want to hurt her and all Booth can do is nod. Is is really too late for our favorite Bones 'ship?

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