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American Idol

Crystal BowerSox Edges Ahead of Lee DeWyze in Record Sales

Season 9 runner-up Crystal Bowersox's debut record, "Farmer's Daughter," sold 45,000–50,000 copies its first day, beating out opening-day sales of winner Lee DeWyze's "Live it Up," which sold only 39,000 copies. Experts project that MamaSox’s record will easily surpass DeWyze’s opening week numbers.

As BowerSox pulls away from DeWyze in respective sales of their debut records, it’s beginning to look like she might be one of several American Idol runners-up who were beat in the talent show but who prevail in the real world.

You may remember that Clay Aiken (and his Aiken-ravenous horde of Claymates) also beat 2003 Idol-winner Reuben Studdard in sales. Then there’s Adam Lambert, whose staggering popularity has all but eclipsed Season 8 winner Kris Allen … not that we’re counting or anything. (We feel for you, Reuben and Kris.)

But just as notable about Season 9’s DeWyze’s and BowerSox’s debut record sales is that their combined sales are by far the lowest in history for an American Idol winner and runner-up. Some believe this may have something to do with their decidedly less pop-oriented, more guitar folk-driven sound, while others note the decline of record sales across the board.

Source: New York Post

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12.18.2010 / 04:56 AM EDT by Nathan Pensky
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