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Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Talks DWTS Rumors, Glee

So how does Michael Lohan really feel about Glee's dig at his daughter Lindsay a few weeks back? "[Addiction is] a disease! … Would you make fun of people who have cancer or heart disease? No, but you make fun of someone who has a lingering disease that is proven biologically and medically to be a disease? Why would you make fun of those people and pick on him?"

Despite saying the Glee joke went too far, Michael thinks his ex-wife Dina blew the entire episode out of proportion. "First of all, Lindsay didn't see the show — that was put out there by Dina. That was the worst thing that someone could have done because Lindsay didn't call up crying — that was a means to sell the story to the press. Look at it from the perspective of everyone in this business — now they're thinking that Lindsay is complaining about someone making fun of her, saying 'she's a drama queen.' So is that helping Lindsay’s career or hurting it?"

Probably the latter. So, what does Michael prescribe for a cure? Dancing With the Stars! "I think if she did do [the show] it would be a great springboard. It gets her structure in her life. It gets her back in the world of Disney and ABC. She would be working out every day."

If it would be so great for her, why has Dina denied that LiLo's appearing on the show? "I think for Dina to say that Lindsay's not on it … I think Dina wants to be on the show. She's wanted to be on it for years. That's not to say that Dina's not a good dancer, she is. She is a great dancer and would probably do very well. I'm just saying that it could be a very good project for Lindsay, personally." Hmm. The plot thickens?

Source: Examiner

12.18.2010 / 01:11 AM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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