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Merry Criss-mas! Glee’s Darren Criss Dishes on Blaine and His Newfound Fame

Here's an early Criss-mas gift for all you Blaine fans out there! We grabbed a quick chat with Darren Criss, the singer-actor behind the Dalton Academy crooner who has captured Kurt Hummel's heart, and he shared a few delectable deets about Glee and his newfound fame. Pump up the volume on Darren's version of "Teenage Dream" and read away!

So your life has dramatically changed in the past several weeks, right?

It's been rather silly, yes. It's always been silly, but now it's like, super-silly. [Laughs]

Were you surprised at the embrace of your character as soon as you appeared on Glee — and then the response to the music that you've done for the show, which has been phenomenal?

I will say that I was not surprised, but that it has nothing to do with me. What I mean by that is the fact that it's a great character and it's high time for a character like Blaine on network television. Also, the song that he gets to sing is a rather good one! So, completely objectively, even if it wasn't me, I remember reading the breakdown for the part and thinking, 'This is going to be a great thing regardless of who gets to do it.' So I feel like I'm a very small percentage of the bigger picture that is Blaine. I think he has fit right in. It's got great social consciousness behind it, and I'm happy that people have embraced it because it's a really positive force. I think it's wonderful.

What was your reaction to the record-breaking downloads of your song "Teenage Dream"? Did you ever imagine that was going to happen?

No, I didn't, but it's such a good arrangement — the Beelzebubs really knock it out of the park and they did a killer arrangement of it. It kind of feeds into that appetite in the second season of a show, where people really want to start hearing something new and fresh. So, yeah, I could imagine that it was going to be popular, but I had no idea that it was going to be that popular. I consider it a blessing. I had no idea!

How much more are we going to see of you on the show?

I don't know. I'm taking it a phone call at a time, man. So, we talk about it as if we might be there for a while, but who's to say. I don't know. They don't really tell me anything until the day before. Even if Blaine was to fall off a cliff in a couple of days I've been given a good run and I'm happy with what I've been given. So we'll see. I'm as excited as everyone else.

Tell me about your own musical career, the kind of music you've been doing and what you want to get out there?

With the albums I've put out in the past, I was a composer and that was sort of much more Vaudevillian, Broadway — and that's for casts, for theater. It's very different from my own stuff, which is very folk-y. So it depends. Now that the Glee platform is around you have to keep that in mind as far as the precedent that you set with your music. We'll see. I haven't really thought about it, it's been so crazy.

Have you had any wild fan interactions since the show when you've been out and about?

No, because I don't generally shave or shower so I think in general people kind of run away from me! I think I'm safe for the most part from that. But if they do recognize me it's actually very endearing because it's something that I'm proud of and so I'm happy.

People are now making fan pages and Facebook pages dedicated to Blaine and Kurt, demanding that they kiss and start a relationship. Have you followed any of that?

I have not. I don't know if that's going to influence anything that [the producers] decide to write, but we'll see!

And how much has the acting bug bitten you?

Well, I've been acting my whole life. I have a degree in it and I've been going to conservatories for a long time. I studied it in school and I've always taken it very seriously. So music and acting have always been rather symbiotic. It's just very serendipitous that I'm on the one show that involves both. So the acting bug has always bitten me, and I've been bleeding for a long time!

12.18.2010 / 04:19 AM EDT by Scott Huver
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