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Off the Map

Top 5 Tommy Fuller Quotes from Season 1, Episode 1: “Saved by the Great White Hope”

Tommy Fuller came to practice medicine in South America to enjoy the stunning vistas, gorgeous weather, and influx of beautiful international tourists. Here are our favorite Tommy Fuller quotes from Off the Map Episode 1: "Saved by the Great White Hope".

5. Tommy (to Mina and Lily): This place is awesome! Not only are there no malpractice suits, but there’s surfing! And do you know how many days a year it's sunny here? All of them!

4. Charlie: So, what’s your plan?
Tommy: My plan is to express the dangers of refusing treatment.
Charlie: How’s that any different from what you did yesterday?
Tommy: Well, this time I'm gonna turn on the charm.
Charlie: So what’s your plan for tomorrow?
Tommy: You’re a little bully, you know that?

3. Tommy: My parents told me to go to college and study hard, and I just partied. They told me go to med school, learn how to take care of people, and I learned how to put boobs into strippers.

2. Tommy (to patient): I lost my family because I was proud. I don’t want you to do the same thing.

1. Tommy: This isn’t a walk, it’s an Iron Man. I’m being punished, aren’t I!
Charlie: This is the reason why Americans are fat and lazy – they only drive.
Tommy: You know why? Cause we invented streets for ourselves. It’s called civilization, you should really try it. Wait, did you just call me fat?

12.20.2010 / 06:20 AM EDT by Vanessa Wesley
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