Who’s the Worst Dressed on Jersey Shore? Stylist Louise Roe Weighs In on Guido Fashion
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Jersey Shore

Who’s the Worst Dressed on Jersey Shore? Stylist Louise Roe Weighs In on Guido Fashion

Like you, we cannot wait for Jersey Shore Season 3 to return on January 6th. We have sooo many questions: What will new cast member Deena be like? Will Snooki and Vinny hook up again? What will be served at the next family dinner (we're guessing chicken parm)? But more than anything, we want to know which fashion rules the cast will break this time around. Obviously, we love the hooker look JWOWW likes to rock when she goes out to the clubs, but we lately we've been pleasantly surprised with her more classy getups. And we're just dying to know if Snooki's blinged out glasses will make a cameo when the crew's partying it up in Seaside.

Remember stylist and fashion journalist Louise Roe? She had a short role on The City in which Olivia Palermo tried to out-do her backstage at Fashion Week, but Louise's British charm wowed Elle's Joe Zee and then she got her own show, Plain Jane on The CW. Anyway, we thought she'd be the perfect stylista to ask about the Jersey Shore cast's wardrobe and whether Snooki ditching her signature pouf was a bad decision.

Overall, what do you think of the Jersey Shore cast's fashion style? Has it improved since they first came into our lives a year ago?
Is it only a year? Wow. It feels like a lifetime. Snooki's definitely calmed her style down whilst J-wow has been toning up in the gym, so she's wearing more sleek evening dresses rather than sweats and crop tops, these days.

Who do you think is the best dressed in the cast? Why?
It would be rude not to say Snooki. She fits sequins, stilettos, faux fur, beehives and sometimes leather into her 4'9 package. That takes some doing.

Who do you think is the worst dressed? Why?
Maybe The Situation. I'm a bit bored of seeing those abs all the time.

What’s the biggest fashion or style faux pas you’ve seen on the show?
That notorious episode where Snooki got arrested. Stumbling all over the beach and falling off a bicycle was not a good look, especially in a mini-skirt.

What are the best colors to complement "orange" skin?
Neons! Bright luminous pink, yellow, and green.

If you had to estimate how much money in hair product the cast spends per year, how much would you guess?
Probably a scarily large amount. Tens of thousands. Enough to create a new ocean in the world just made from hair gel.

Are you glad Snooki ditched her pouf? Or was it a good look for her?
No I miss it. It was a defining characteristic. Kind of like a petite, tanned version of Amy Winehouse.

What do you think of Snooki’s slipper line?
They're amazing! I hadn't heard of them until you pointed them out. Is there time for me to order the leopard-print ones before Christmas?

What about T-Shirt Time. Do you dig the Ed Hardy-ish trend that the guidos love?
Er...no comment. Ie. Not so much.

When the Jersey girls go to the club, we usually see more of their bodies than we'd like to. What’s the line between trashy and classy?
I have a feeling that "classy" isn't their style inspiration when they go out clubbing anyway, so I don't think there's a line at all. I do quite like that Snooki can poke fun at herself and her fashion once in a while. Dressing up for Halloween as one of her favourite foods, a pickle, was pretty genius I have to say.

12.20.2010 / 10:26 PM EDT by Dena Ross
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