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Grey's Anatomy

Where Is Grey’s Anatomy Filmed, Anyway?

Much as we'd like to deny it, Grey's Anatomy is indeed a fictional series set in the fictional Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. So which halls do the docs traverse as they make their rounds? Where are the ORs in which patients live and die? The answer is, as you might expect, Hollywood — or just to the east of it, in Los Feliz, at the Prospect Studios.

The Grey's set occupies at least two sound-stages and includes most of the hospital, Joe's bar, and the characters' residences. A tour of the set led by James Pickens, Jr. is included on the Season 2 DVD and reveals some interesting fun facts. (For example, did you know that the MRI machine is real? Were you aware that the names on the OR schedule whiteboard are those of crew members?) However, another filming location is used for exterior shots of the hospital and scenes located in the atrium, in the Chief's office, and on the catwalk. Those are all filmed at the Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center in North Hills. It's a working healthcare facility with real patients and doctors, so the cast and crew can only film after 5 p.m. Sounds like it's time to fake an ailment to try to get a glimpse of the stars...

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