More Bad News for Adrienne’s Husband
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

More Bad News for Adrienne’s Husband

Uh-oh. Just when we thought the worst was over, more bad info. has surfaced about Adrienne Maloof’s husband Dr. Paul Nassif (Dr. 90210).

Yesterday we reported that Dr. Nassif is suing an insurance company (CIGNA) for defamation, partly because the company has told clients Nassif is “practicing fraud.” Fraud? But Nassif’s website is full of happy customer reviews pulled from ratings websites like, we say!

Yeah. Well. Apparently that’s because Dr. Do-Good requires his patients to sign a “gag contract” — a form that prohibits them from posting any negative feedback about their experience on any online forum. Wow. Really? Whatev happened to freedom of the press? (Or did that disappear with Britney Spears panties in 2006? But we digress.)

Nassif and his gag contract procedure have been heavily criticized on the site Check out this angry commenter’s post:

“You will not hear about or see botched patients on forums because of this Gag Contract, because this Gag Contract prevents it. All I have to tell you about how I feel is: I Cry over big time; but unhappy patients cannot say more! Nor disclose their pictures because they assign “All Intellectual Property Rights” to the surgeon (Dr. Nassif). Honestly (I swear) I have no competing interests for Dr. Nassif, I am simply a victim and would like to inform you.

Gag surgeons can either threaten you to remove the bad reviews or pictures you posted (although real) or threaten website owners to remove bad reviews or pics because patients (signed) assign all ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ to the surgeon. So if in this post/review I tell you that I was Dr. Nassif’s patient and victim, I will be threatned [sic] to remove this post or this website owner will be threatened to remove this post.”


We defended him yesterday (kind of), but today we’re not so sure of his innocence. How can we be if we only have access to the “good” things people have to say about him and his Frankenstein lab medical practice?

We don’t know how many unhappy Nassif customers are out there, but we do know one thing: Dr. 90210 performed the surgery that resulted in Taylor Armstrong’s heinous trout lips — and with that knowledge alone, we’d wouldn’t let him touch us with a 10 foot scalpel.

Source: Death By 1000 Paper Cuts

12.22.2010 / 05:26 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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