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Dancing With The Stars

Rebecca Budig Wins Skating With the Stars Over Bethenny Frankel

If Bethenny Frankel is the Bristol Palin of Skating With the Stars, then Rebecca Budig is the Jennifer Grey. After a finale night of perfect scores, "The Natural" Rebecca and her partner Fred Palascak beat "The Underdog" Bethenny and partner Ethan Burgess to become the first winners of SWTS.

Here are the Episode 6 Finale highlights:

Pro skate: Johnny Weir cannot get any more fabulous in his black ruffles and eyeshadow. He's joined in his group skate by SWTS pros Jennifer Wester, Denis Petukhov and Keauna McLaughlin in a routine choreographed by Johnny's fellow judge, Laurieann Gibson.

• Eliminated stars return: Brandon Mychal Smith is still sitting on the sidelines, so only Sean Young & Denis Petukhov, Vince Neil & Jennifer Wester, and Jonny Moseley & Brooke Castile return to skate again. Sean & Denis re-skate their Week 1 routine to "Bubbly." Vince & Jennifer do their sultry Week 2 Tango. Jonny & Brooke danced their favorite performance, the Week 3 "Cosmic Love" dance. He slipped during a lift, but he didn't fall.

Judges preview the final routines: Dick Button says Rebecca & Fred have impressed him week after week. Laurieann Gibson says Rebecca is a natural. Johnny says she needs to wow the judges to win. Johnny says Bethenny's best asset has been her personality and she has grown by leaps and bounds. Laurieann says her shoulder and arms are still a problem. Dick wants to be blown away by the final performances.

Bethenny Frankel & Ethan Burgess Final Routine: They re-skate her sentimental favorite routine, the Week 1 skate to "Right Round." It was her lowest scoring routine and they added more complicated moves. Bethenny tells the camera, "Rebecca, I know this is your childhood dream, but I didn't leave my husband and baby at home to not win this trophy." Snap! During their routine, Ethan does some serious overhead lifts. Johnny says Bethenny skated like a finalist and he thanks her fans for voting her into the finals so he could see her skate her best. Dick says Bethenny sees more than anyone what this is about: It's not the Olympics, it's about fun. She made the criticism work for her. "Wonderfully good performance." Laurieann says "what a transformation." She hit every piece of the choreography in rhythm. In the "Kiss & Cry," Bethenny calls this the most difficult thing she's ever done. She thought figure skating was a "feminine" sport, but in reality skating stars are "machines" and more like football players. Technical merit scores: 8, 7, 8. Artistic impression scores: 10, 9, 9 Total: 51 out of 60

What is up with Vernon? Host Vernon Kay does a creepy dance, singing "Bethenny got a 10! Bethenny got a 10!"

Rebecca Budig & Fred Palascak Final Routine: They re-skate their Week 3 "Hot n Cold" routine. He couldn't even remember the beginning so she had to re-teach it to him. She injured her wrist the last time they did this routine and the injury returns when they try a new trick. "I will sacrifice my wrist to get through this routine." She says it's okay for Bethenny to lose because she still has 12 jobs! During the routine, they do some mad spins and she does her own little jump. Laurieann squeals in excitement. She likes how Rebecca took a risk and was "electrifying." "You are a world-class skater!" Johnny said she gave them so much soul and didn't rest on anything. She did the hardest jump combination they'd seen. She rocked the competition from beginning to end and he's unbelievably proud of her. Dick says a champion is someone who goes full blast even if they may not need to. That's what Rebecca did; she opened up and showed them what was inside her. (That sounds a bit naughty.) Technical merit scores: 10, 10, 10. First perfect score in the competition! Artistic impression scores: 10, 10, 10. Total: 60 out of 60

Who wins? More than 350 hours of training, three falls and one very painful injury have led to this moment. After combining the judges' scores and audience votes, the winners and first ever champions of Skating With the Stars are ... Rebecca & Fred!