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American Idol

Steven Tyler Says It’s Hard to Criticize American Idol Contestants

One of the big questions leading up to Season 10 of American Idol is whether the normally nice new judges can turn up the mean when push comes to shove. Well, now that the audition process has started in earnest, it’s still up for debate whether new Idol judge Steven Tyler will be able to dish out some honest criticism. (Because you know some of the contestants will need tough love!)

Tyler spoke up recently about how hard it is to take a hard line with unqualified contestants. Said Tyler, "It's hard when you have a kid who's 15 years old, who's been watching American Idol for the last 10 years. [Because] some of them were awful. I just say something like, 'Did you bump your head on the way in?'”

Tyler went on about his big-hearted consideration of contestant’s feelings: "I'm really not one for giving insults. They have a voice and I don't want them not singing to their kids when they grow up."

Aww, we just knew he was a big softy! But we’re just hoping someone will step up and maintain the high quality of musicianship the show is known for. It seems any one of the current judges could take on the role of Idol policeman. Jennifer Lopez certainly can show sass when she wants to. And while Randy has been known as the “nice one” up to this point, he’s also the most experienced and hence the one most used to giving stinkers the boot. Who knows? Maybe he was taking notes from Simon?

Source: CTV News

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12.22.2010 / 01:16 AM EDT by Nathan Pensky
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