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The Bachelor

Why Did DWTS Pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy Turn Down ABC’s The Bachelor? 5-11-34 PM.png

Professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy, aka the "bad boy of the ballroom" on Dancing With the Stars, says he turned down the U.S. version of The Bachelor in favor of being the Bachelor in his native Ukraine. Passionate Maks, 30, regularly flirts and bickers with his partners — from ESPN's Erin Andrews to pop star Brandy — and can always be relied to fight with DWTS' three judges. He had a rough road on this past Season 11 and he was open about his frustration with the judges and contestant Bristol Palin.

Recently on his website he explained why he decided to become the Ukrainian The Bachelor instead of sticking with ABC. "First thing first. I AM doing the Ukrainian version of our 'Bachelor'. The fact that I've turned down the American version has NOTHING to do with my 'dislike' of American women (the statement is so absurd that I can't believe I'm even dignifying it with a reply)."

He lists his reasons for doing the show, including how there has never been a show such as this in Ukraine and it makes him think that "a first season would be the most 'real' as far as participants' perception of 'what its all about' is concerned. I thought about everything VERY long. I've spoken to my family. I've spoken to people around me and decided that this might be something to try and see 'how it'll work.' I'm going into this with a thought of 'why not?.' I know it's hard to find someone you can connect to on a project like this, but nothing is impossible. For the sake of the show I can't reveal anything, but I must say I am very pleasantly surprised so far."

Read his full post on his site. Maks would've been an amazing Bachelor for the U.S. show. He's a natural drama king, and he's hot as all blazes. Oh well. Can we request DWTS pro Derek Hough for Season 16?


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12.22.2010 / 06:47 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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