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Pretty Little Liars

Do You Want an Entire Flashback Episode of Pretty Little Liars?

We’ve seen bits and pieces of the good old days when Alison DiLaurentis was alive, but never more than a few minutes. We know that Alison walked out on the barn sleepover, that Ali and Ian Thomas were dating one summer, and that she teased her best friends about their insecurities (aka Hanna’s weight, Aria’s dad and his mistress Meredith, and Emily liking girls), but what was it really like when she was around? That’s what lots of PLL fans want to know and we agree.

Fan site tweeted “I think we should get a WHOLE flashback episode! :) @imarleneking, everyone retweet if you think so too!!” Showrunner Marlene King retweeted this and when another fan wrote “we need an ep showing how the 5 girls became friends" King replied “I love this idea too.” How amazing would it be to find out their back stories?

We already know that Alison will be around more this season and Ashley Benson revealed that Hefty Hannah makes an appearance in most of the upcoming episodes, so we’d say it’s definitely possible. From the looks of the promos, there will at least be more flashbacks to look forward to even if we don't get a whole episode just yet.

Should the PLL producers devote a whole episode to flashbacks or should they mostly stick to the present/post-Alison's disappearance? Share your thoughts in our poll below!

Source: Twitter

12.23.2010 / 08:54 PM EDT by Emily Anatole
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