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The Bachelor

Hating on Brad Womack: Insults From our Facebook Page

In case you've been living under a rock, we've got news for you: A lot of you Bachelor fans out there don't particularly like Season 15's repeat Bachelor Brad Womack. Period. End of story. In that spirit of love and second chances — oh wait, not in that spirit at all! — we've culled a slew of angry comments aimed at ABC's lack of Bachelor creativity from our Facebook page and reposted them here. This is just a small sampling.

Is anyone going to watch?

Mary Kuch:
Brad if u couldn't find a woman the 1st time ! WhaT makes u think you will the 2nd time ..?
Penny Heart: I predict low ratings for this season....he's a creep and I feel sorry for anyone that actually thinks they like this guy.
Cindy Sue Dreiling: I am so disappointed in this decision. I have watched EVERY season, but not this one!
Regina Graeff Jacoby-lipkin: I really hope the ratings drop that the producers of the show.. GET THE MESSAGE, LOUD AND CLEAR!
Darelynn Hacker Clay: Who wants to watch the same person again in the same position...almost like watching reruns, which I haven't got time for!
Ashley Dowaliby: I refuse to watch this season, stupid idea ABC!
Patty Smith: Count me out!! Fool me once shame on you... Fool me twice shame on me!!
Lisa Boyd Lasseter: Im not watching this one. stupid decision on ABCs part to bring him back. they must be desperate

Short and not-so-sweet

Susan Peavyhouse Rhyne: bRAD GO AWAY.

What do you really think about Brad?

Patty Chandler: Watch out ladies...not sure if you can believe what he says!!!
Penny Heart (again): I can't believe they brought that idiot Brad back.....what a creep! Wish I was the one slapping his face.
Dana Dull-Cisse: he hasn't been in a relationship since the show?..gee I wonder why? lol
Denise Reeb Reitz: He needs to walk away fiancee-less...he doesn't want a wife...I will not watch this show this season..there are to many guys out there that really want a wife and he doesn't....
Shauna Rippee: I still can't believe this. He won't find love...he's just in for the fame.

ABC needs some new blood... STAT

Suzanne Ganzler Mermer: I wish they would have given one of Ali's beau's a chance.. He had his.
Sheena Rikhy: Have we really run out of eligible bachelors-- that we have to recycle one??
Jennifer Stanley: I have watched every season of the bachelor and I'm not happy! ABC made a bad choice. I think most people are unhappy with this decision. Fans of the show wanted Chris or someone new. A fresh face would be nice, especially after the bachelor pad. I think were ready to move on from the same old people who have all shared too much DNA with each other!

So, what's your opinion of Bachelor Brad 2.0? Sound off in the comments below!

12.23.2010 / 10:06 PM EDT by Laura Case
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