Kyle’s Thoughts on the Dinner Party from Hell
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle’s Thoughts on the Dinner Party from Hell

Kyle Richards is finally breaking her silence about the epically ugly eppy that aired last week, aptly titled, “Dinner Party from Hell” (which might as well have been called “an entire half hour of insult-slinging, cocktail guzzling and of course, e-cigarette puffing.”)

While everybody at the dinner table erupted in her own right (seriously, what was up with that Taylor and Kim breakdown?), the worst insults came from the far left side of the table, where Camille Grammer’s buddy Alison DuBois, whose (strange) life inspired the CBS show Medium, sat inhaling her cig — and exhaling cheap shots aimed in Kyle Richards’ direction.

But Kyle says she doesn’t care much what Alison had to say about her (uh, who would, really?), but rather, her family and friends. "The comments about me — as upsetting as they are — aren't as upsetting as the comments about my husband and my friends because they didn't sign up for this," Kyle says. "Those were low blows and were premeditated."

Alison also, doesn’t care what Kyle says about her, as she oh-so-eloquently explained during the ep: "I don't give a sh-- what she says about me!" she said. "She can f--- off. I can tell you when she will die, and what will happen to her family. I love that about me!"

(To which Kyle responded, "Who talks like that? "Who would even put that out there?" We know, right?)

Essentially, the night just sucked. "I was completely appalled," Kyle tells TVGuide about the ‘party.’ "I thought it was the scariest mean-girl scenario I've seen." With the scariest part being Alison DuBois, hands down.

But regardless of the way the night ended, Kyle Richards admitted she can’t hold a grudge to save her life — and says if Camille came at her with a sincere apology, she would be obliged to accept.

“In spite of everything we've been through, I'm not the kind of person to hold a grudge. I'm known for that," Kyle says. "So, if she were to come to me and say 'I feel bad about what happened' ... I would be open to that."

We don’t know how she does it, but Kyle Richards — you stay classy, lady!

Source: TV Guide