Twist! Facebook Fans Give Brad Womack Some Love
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The Bachelor

Twist! Facebook Fans Give Brad Womack Some Love

To be fair, not everyone dislikes the idea of Brad Womack’s surprising return to The Bachelor. The man has his fans, and we’ve rounded up their thoughtful comments in support of Brad 2.0. For more soundbites on Brad (good and bad), visit our Facebook page.

Jaime Monhaut Reed: I am excited to see the new season.

Debra A. Egbert-Lampe: … Brad is probably the most mature of everyone, understanding the seriousness of a commitment for life. Give the guy a break, he was more of a gentleman than Jason.

Rhonda Murphy: I think that he deserves a 2nd chance.. Doesn't everyone? Maybe he will find love the 2nd time around....

Erica Novotny-Mueller: I think he deserves a second chance! Why pressure him into choosing one of the girls from that season? He was taking this show for real and followed his heart even if that meant not choosing either one. Did you really want him choosing one just to choose one and then break up a week later like 90% of them do? Who says his wife is in the 25 women? He was the mature one I think! I wish him the best of luck and hoping he finds love.

Tiffany Walke Peterson: He's the hottest bachelor you've ever had so thank you! And in terms of "reality" tv - he was the most realistic. For most getting engaged in six weeks is totally unrealistic! So he was true to himself - good for him! Second chances all the way!

Bobbi Jo Marie Adams: I agree with many of you here....he did the right thing by NOT proposing to someone that he didn't love and couldn't make a commitment to. I agree that what Jason did was WAY worse than Brad. I understand if Jason realized he made a mistake, but it should have been handled WAY better.

Melissa Joy Flack: cant wait to watch this season. im impressed by brad doing what he knew to be right and hope he finds the right one! and he is gorgeous!

Lynne Heimerson: Brad is a real sweetheart that I personally know very well. He did the right thing last time and I applaud him for standing firm to his values, even tho he has been verbally bashed ever since. I can't wait to see the show.

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12.27.2010 / 10:42 PM EDT by Laura Case
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